Education of the child: one will reap what he’ll sow

Education of the child: one will reap what he’ll sow

Naturally, primary laying of character of the child is formed at the genetic level. But nevertheless, each parent is simply obliged to bring up as much as possible the person whom it will not be a shame to call the worthy member of society then.

All parents need "to invest" in education of the child properly. What to begin with? The character of the kid begins to be built up from 5 years. By 10 years the teenager already has full base of lines which can only be emphasized further. 

At preschool age the child can give earnests of the decent and strong-willed person by means of the interesting developing games. In the modern world there is a lot of various literature which will help parents to decide on the correct actions in such serious question. Here the main thing to feel the child, not to impose it the ideology, and on the contrary, to help to find itself. 

With approach of age of "school student", the teenager faces such serious things as performance of certain tasks, to actions by rules of school. At this moment it is very important to support it, to help council, to teach correctly to communicate with peers and seniors. 

To find right approach to the school student it is a high time to define his psychotype. Child visual learner: well perceives information through sight (the photo, cartoons, will easily repeat what you showed it). To such children everything that you want to inform better to demonstrate – to draw a beautiful illustration, to show something on the example of own actions. It is very important to control itself in the presence of such child as rash acts will be copied to the smallest details.

Rebenok-audial: with ease perceives information obtained in an acoustical form. It does not need to show anything, rather accurately and distinctly to say aloud. To interest the child of such psychotype it is necessary to talk often to him, to read more aloud, to study songs and verses. 

Rebenok-kinestetik: to such child to understand an essence of things it is necessary to touch them. Only through tactile contacts with objects he will feel all their essence. In this case you will be helped by hand-made articles, plasticine, the alphabet from plastic, etc. To remember the main thing that at such psychotype of the child acoustical information flows and visual should not be excluded at all.

After the psychotype of the child is defined, we begin to accent on it all games and hobbies, but it is impossible to forget that development has to be combined. Draw attention with those things which correspond to preferences of the teenager, but for harmonious development use the games directed to all types of psychotype.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team