Education of the girl

Education of the girl

Education of the girl and boy considerably differs. The girl – future woman and mother - feels and thinks differently. The female is more emotional and demands the special attitude towards itself. There are several rules, conforming to which you will be happy with the child and the methods of education.

That which is loved

The severity in the attitude towards the daughter will push her thought that love it is necessary to deserve. From there are a sacrifice, extreme cleanliness and just inability to feel desired and favourite. The avarice on caress concerning the girl can lead to the fact that in youth it without discrimination will follow the one who will tell it couple of warm words. And it can lead to disappointments and the unpleasant moments in life of the young young lady.

Each girl has to receive caress, care. Limits of permissibility are established by each parent himself. Accustomed to emotions, she will learn to give them and to others. Tu which is loved will manage to construct own happiness. 


It is very important to each girl to know that she is beautiful. And all complexes increase in teenage age. And therefore it is so important to support that sparkle which will burn in it further in the daughter. And whatever its nature awarded with appearance, whether it be freckles, small eyes, the bulged ears – all these shortcomings need to be turned into advantages. It is unique.

Do not laugh at her awkwardness or physical problems. It can do irreparable harm to your child. Never compare the child to others. Expressions of this kind are inadmissible: "Watch what Tanechka clean! And you eternally dirty". 

Guardian angel

Each girl has to be familiar with sympathy and care. If your child the evil sneers at weak, be not afraid to discuss such moments seriously. Girls can be tougher than boys, and it is the most sick. Allow the daughter to show the act of mercy, having accepted in the house of a puppy which she brought from the street. You praise it for the help, even the most insignificant. Allow to help the old neighbor if that asks. You watch together sentimental movies. But explain that in everything the measure is necessary.

You should not pay attention to worthless people of mercy. And, of course, allow to indulge yourself different pleasant trifles which the daughter will decide to prepare for you. And then at you everything will develop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team