Education of the teenage child

Education of the teenage child

It is correct to bring up the child of teenage age very difficult task for parents. Therefore we created this article to help you.

Classical way of education of teenagers.

The hormonal background is the main reason of sharp change of mood at teenagers. Teenagers become lazy, irritable, impatient.

Children at this age think that they already grew up and finally created the outlook. In this regard they cease to listen to councils of parents, thinking that they are capable to make necessary. It irritates parents, they begin to shout at the children. Dear parents, do not do it at all. You should lift a self-assessment of your child, do not leave his one, it is the most problem period of his life.

But do not allow your children much. They of course I will make what needs to be made, but they can suffer from the decisions. Sometimes advise your child as it is better to arrive.

Show to your child that his life is not indifferent for you: give to him advice, explain why it is necessary to act this way, but not so, speculate with him on different subjects. Then she will see and will understand that you respect him and understand.

How to behave with the child.

You have to be ready by then when your child shouts at all without cause and will begin to pass into extremes. That nothing bad occurred, you should define a circle of its duties. You should let know to the child what he cannot do and that is necessary. Do not overload him.

Your child, after all, has to calm down. This moment will come when it learns where his parents already begin to counteract it and where their patience is over. You should define this border accurately.

Remember, parents, you should suffer. Accept the child it what he is.

Pay to the child enough attention, but do not go to far. You do not watch everything that he does, but surely look after that he did not beat off a family circle. It can cause that it will get to the bad company and will get addictions.

Analyze each word told by you. If you are not happy with behavior of your child, show it it, but only it is careful. Choose words. Your child can spit for the study in it the period. If it occurs, then talk to it on this subject, take an interest what plans for the future at it if he does not want to study. Also, if the child has problems with homework, help it to solve it. You will kill with this action two hares at once: homework will be done mostly independently and the percent of the fact that the child will remember a school subject increases.

You have to in a clear form bring to the child that will be if to make a rash act. Also the child has to understand how to solve problems how it is necessary to think not to get into an unpleasant situation. For example: you have a girl the teenager, she was going to go on a date with the boy, but you forbid her. She of course will take offense at you. But you should not forbid her to go on a date, just before a date talk to her, explain to her what cannot be done at its age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team