Education of the three-year-old child

Education of the three-year-old child

In life of each person the correct education is important. Mistakes in education of the three-year-old child will be shown already when he starts going to school. Therefore often say that education in 3 years is a fight against children's obstinacy.

When the child reaches three-year age, in his behavior there are significant changes that quite often can frighten parents. The kid becomes just uncontrollable, at him the mood sharply changes and there are rage attacks. That this period passed easier for both parties, it is necessary to try to present that the child feels.

The kid begins to understand that he the personality and to try to show it, acting counter to desires of parents or brightly expressing discontent if actions do not coincide with his desire.

For education of the child during this period it is necessary to have patience, it is difficult not only for parents, as well as for children. It is impossible to do at all as the kid wants. If he sees that, having arranged a hysterics, all begin to dance to his tune, then it will not pass, and he will always act this way.

It is not necessary to impose many requirements to the child and to constantly order him, it will not lead to anything good, the child will only move away more. It is desirable for parents to learn, something interesting to occupy the kid, to play a performance with its participation or to read the book.

Both parents have to make together efforts for education of the offspring and work in concert. It is impossible to assume that mom forbade everything, and dad resolved or on the contrary. It is desirable to watch also that grandmothers and grandfathers did not indulge the kid and did not prevent education. It will be correct to agree everything together on rules and to adhere to them.

This age is very important for formation of the identity of the child. It is necessary that he constantly felt love and care. If the child does something incorrectly best of all quietly to explain to him why so it is impossible to do, but not to neglect everything, and for good acts will not prevent to praise. Then the kid will feel that he is not indifferent and to try to show only high qualities to make pleasant to parents. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team