Effective method of dual education

Effective method of dual education

Issues of education of children concerned parents and teachers at all times. Today it is very often possible to meet parents who make a claim to school, saying that the school ceased to raise children. And here naturally there is a question and who after all brings up - family or school?

The family is the most important institute in education of younger generation. Education which the child will receive in family will accompany the child all his life. The family is the most important factor of personal development of the child. That in what family grows the child, and forms his physical and emotional development, having a direct impact on his mental capacities. The family forms fundamental bases of the social and interpersonal relations, values. Not without reason the German satirist Brand said that "the child studies that he sees at himself in the house". Education should not come to an end in family, it has to continue at school, then education will be effective and will bear fruit. The child spends a large number of time at school, and the educational institution has a huge impact on it.

 Education always was an integral part of educational process, but the school nevertheless bears a bit different functions. The school has to teach the child, broaden his horizons, give it a certain knowledge base, help to disclose abilities of the pupil that it could self-fulfill in the future . Educational function of school consists in it. For full educational process the contact and cooperation between school and family is important. Only the family is responsible for education of the children, the school has to help, support and send to the necessary party. Participation of family and school in life of the child have to work together. The child has to know that in family he is loved, around him the atmosphere comfortable for his development has to be created. The school promotes to assist parents in increase in their psychological knowledge, to constantly involve them in educational process.

 Parents and teachers have to use together the efforts for creation to the child of conditions, forming at it qualities which will help with further development. Successful cooperation is possible, only when the family and teachers are ready to cooperate, understand need of these actions. For successful interaction the parents and teachers have to have general requirements to the child. Modern educational institutions can use different methods of work with family.

The PTA meeting is one of forms, but it is possible to call it outdated. Now schools hold various seminars and conferences if they are required, then the individual consultations with parents directed to assistance to parents. It is wrong when parents shift responsibility for education of children to teachers. Parents and teachers have to understand that education is the difficult mutual work based on the principle of equality.

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