Fairy tale role in the child's life

Fairy tale role in the child's life

Many parents doubt the modern world and whether it is necessary to read fairy tales to the child in general. Why to the kid the stories which are given rise only by imagination of the author? What advantage is born by fictional characters from books?

Why children need fairy tales

The role of fairy tales in education and training of children is huge. They develop thinking, imagination, memory, attention and the coherent speech of the child, his creative potential. The fairy tale awakens all kind that is in soul of the kid, and joint reading not only gives pleasure from communication, but also helps parents and children to approach, to understand each other better.

Fairy tales acquaint children with literary creativity. The child acquires knowledge of the world surrounding him, human relations, habits and a way of life of animals, meets new heroes and customs of different nationalities. National fairy tales acquaint children with culture and customs of the native land, cultivate patriotic spirit and love for the country.

Fairy tales cause an emotional response in the child's soul that promotes faster storing and understanding the text. The lexicon is replenished, the speech of the child is filled with tropes, development of thought processes accelerates.

The fairy tale helps deepening at the child of understanding and assessment of surrounding reality. Than the child becomes more senior, especially accurately he draws lines between reality and fiction. Listening to the fairy tale, the child learns to act in thoughts in the imagined circumstances. Children, unlike adults, very vividly and emotionally participate in reading process, can interrupt it with questions, try to interfere with events and to help favourite heroes, sometimes even ask to change the "wrong" ending, paint and cross out negative characters.

In fairy tales are collected everyday wisdom of many centuries. They bear in themselves enormous information which passes from father to son, form a set of moral values in consciousness of the child, learn to empathize and look for an exit from difficult situations, to respect adults. Any fairy tale inspires that it is necessary to seek to be kind, and heroes always win against negative it. It is extremely important that the child since childhood realized an essence of human values and moral qualities (what is kindness and honesty, mercy and justice).

The fairy tale learns to resist to the evil and to strive for perfection. The person should not give in to difficulties, and set the purposes and try to obtain them. The active living position is so formed.

Besides, reading is a fine option of joint pastime of children and parents. Unaided the child will not manage to comprehend up to the end the fairy tale and its lessons therefore the adult after reading of the chosen history has to ask the questions helping the preschool child to understand the main idea, acts of heroes and own impression.

And still fairy tales can treat children's frustration, not without reason use them as psychotherapy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team