Features of carrying out and influence on a fruit are 3D ultrasonography of a fruit

Features of carrying out and influence on a fruit are 3D ultrasonography of a fruit

Any pregnant woman during incubation of the child undergoes ultrasonography. It is compulsory procedure which is carried out for diagnostics of a condition of a fruit. Today both usual ultrasonography, and 3D is used.

Characteristic of the procedure

The feature of 3D ultrasonography of a fruit is that it is three-dimensional. At the same time the received image of a fruit very accurate and bright. On it it is possible to see practically all parts of a body of the child: handles, legs, face, back.

It is expedient to 3D ultrasonography of a fruit to carry out about 24 weeks of pregnancy that is when the main bodies and systems are already created. Can be indications to performing 3D ultrasonography: diagnosis of congenital anomalies of a fruit, polycarpous pregnancy, presence at parents of complications at pregnancy, definition of provision of a fruit and its sizes and others.

This procedure differs in nothing from simple ultrasonography, but the result turns out more informative both for the doctor, and for parents. The technology is based too on ability of fabrics to reflect ultrasonic waves therefore the image turns out. By means of 3D ultrasonography it is possible to count the number of fingers at the child, to look at his face, a smile, with an accuracy to define a sex and the sizes. For sex determination it is recommended to conduct this research on the term of 14-16 weeks. At ordinary ultrasonography it is very difficult to define such congenital defects as uglinesses of the person, an underdevelopment of a spinal cord and others.

Influence on a fruit

As well as simple ultrasonography, the 3D procedure it is safe not only for mother, but also for future child, here only under a condition if it is carried out strictly on medical indications, that is it is not frequent. Unlike X-ray, at ultrasonography there is no influence of radiation on an organism. Scientists proved negative impact of ultrasound on embryos of animals. For the person there is no scientific confirmation to such data. But, nevertheless, at very frequent performing ultrasonography there can be following by-effects: a delay of pre-natal development of a fruit, increase in a tone of a uterus, tachycardia at a fruit or insignificant increase in temperature of his body. It should be noted that influence of ultrasound is only 1% of the general duration of all procedure, it provides the minimum contact of an organism of mother and a fruit with ultrasonic waves. Triple ultrasonography is considered optimum. It has to be carried out according to the schedule on 10-12, 20-22 and 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. On the basis of it it is possible to draw a conclusion that 3D ultrasonography is a modern method of diagnostics at pregnant women which is very informative and available to any future mom.

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