Fetoplatsentarny insufficiency - the reasons, diagnostics, treatment

Fetoplatsentarny insufficiency - the reasons, diagnostics, treatment

Fetoplatsentarny insufficiency (FPN) call a complex of symptoms from the placenta and a fruit caused by different complications of a course of pregnancy. In various degrees of FPN reveal in a third of women therefore this problem is very current.

At fetoplatsentarny insufficiency the correct work of a placenta because of what the fruit hypoxia develops is broken, the delay of its development and growth is observed. FPN can be the cause of premature birth and violations of patrimonial activity.

Distinguish chronic diseases of the pregnant woman (asthma, diabetes, pathologies of heart, a thyroid gland), the chronic and aggravated infections, the complicated course of pregnancy (gestosis, threat of an abortion, a Rhesus factor conflict), uterus pathologies (myoma, an endometritis), the wrong placement of a placenta, abortions and abortions, stresses, improper feeding, addictions, bad ecology, early and late age from risk factors of fetoplatsentarny insufficiency.

Allocate primary and secondary FPN. At primary fetoplatsentarny insufficiency of violation in work of a placenta are found in 16-18 weeks. In this case most of pregnant women has further an abortion. Forecasts at secondary FPN more favorable. At the expressed fetoplatsentarny insufficiency the pregnant woman can notice more active stirs of a fruit, and further on the contrary - their reduction. At an arrest of development of a fruit the discrepancy of the sizes of a stomach (heights of standing of a bottom of a uterus) is found. VDM in centimeters has to correspond approximately to pregnancy terms on weeks. At a fruit research the attention to the nature of physical activity, placenta maturity degree is paid to ultrasonography. As symptoms of violations change of thickness of a placenta more than on 5 mm to normal indicators can act. At FPN there is placenta presenilation. Besides, deposits of salts of calcium, a crack, a cyst can be noticed here, the amount of waters can change, the sizes of a fruit not to correspond to term. On a doplerometriya the blood-groove speed in vessels of an umbilical cord, uterus, a fruit is estimated, at FPN the blood-groove is usually broken. To start treatment of fetoplatsentarny insufficiency, it is necessary to find a cause of infringement of function of a placenta and to eliminate it, to carry out prevention of a gestosis and termination of pregnancy, to treat infectious diseases. Ensuring good rest and food is important. There are no means which are completely saving from FPN. All used methods of treatment of fetoplatsentarny insufficiency are directed to improvement of a uterine blood-groove, blood clotting, optimization of processes of a metabolism, gas exchange improvement. Among the medicines used for treatment of fetoplatsentarny insufficiency are most widespread kurantit, aktovegin. For improvement of a blood-groove droppers with glyukozo-novokainovy mix, eufilliny, for relaxation of a uterus are used - with magnesia, ginipraly. Adjust blood clotting heparin, kleksany. In each case the treatment has to be appointed by exclusively attending physician.

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