Floristics to children

Floristics to children

We often go with the children into the woods, the park, for the river bank. Any walk can be turned into fascinating creativity, showing to children different types of leaves, herbs, flowers and telling that when and as it is necessary to collect for applique. The imagination of children is boundless, and they with huge interest absorb data which receive.

What to be necessary?

After walk, collected material is sorted and displayed between pages of books or in newspapers. It is even better to use blotting paper for these purposes.

In the course of work it is the best of all to apply PVA glue and a brush which needs to be washed out carefully. For a basis white or color dense paper from children's sets, cardboard, black photographic paper is used.

Sequence of applique

Plant material is displayed on paper which serves as a background, in the central part the composition is formed. Then ate considerably with a pencil circle its contours. After this plant remove and begin to paste them according to a plan, trying not to break borders of pencil marks. Let's review some examples of creation of appliques.

Pattern in a square

Prepare the white or color squares which are cut out on sample by Thin pencil lines plan the center, diagonal and central lines what the image would be accurate and symmetric.

Pattern in a circle

For this composition as well as for previous circles for a background are cut out on a template. The circle is lined on equal segments. The closer to the center, the more largely there have to be composition elements.


It is the most interesting to do butterflies to children as it is possible to use flower petals of any sizes, completely realizing the imaginations. Petals of a rose, peony, pansies well are suitable for these purposes. The body of a butterfly can be made of a willow leaf, short moustaches – of a grapevine.

Small fish

Body of a small fish and fins – the forzition leaves which are picked up for the size, a tail dogrose leaves. The worm – a grape short mustache sticks out of a mouth of a small fish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team