Folic acid at pregnancy

Folic acid at pregnancy

Heard many that the organism during pregnancy needs to be saturated with folic acid. But the role of this vitamin is not always clear therefore pregnant women quite often demand explanations.

Folic acid is rather important for a human body. It takes great interest in exchange of proteins, in synthesis of nucleinic acids, so, and in the course of growth of cages. Its role when forming blood cells is important.

Value of folic acid during pregnancy

For good pre-natal development of a fruit and also for its growth folic acid in an organism has to contain in enough. Thanks to numerous scientific research in this area it is proved that folic acid well influences an organism, without allowing to arise defects of development of a nervous tube and many other defects.

Independently the organism is not capable to synthesize this substance. This vitamin B small amounts is produced by colon microflora bacteria, but these quantities do not cover the daily need for vitamin. A lot of folic acid contains in yeast; liver of birds and animals; sunflower seeds; spicy herbs – parsley, a basil, rosemary; soybeans; greens – cabbage and spinach; asparagus, peanut, haricot. In some countries there are even laws which order to enrich with this vitamin grain products by all means.

For what it is necessary to take the drugs of folic acid

Despite some content of folic acid in food, to women who are pregnant or only plan pregnancy, it is necessary to take surely the drugs with its contents. For regular reception there is a variety of reasons. First, the role of this vitamin B is proved to prevention of various pathologies at development of a fruit. Secondly, cooking destroys a part of vitamin, and in our diet and so not especially there are a lot of products where folic acid contains. If to compare to medicines, folic acid of natural origin is available less. What full would not be food, it does not cover the need of an organism for this vitamin. For the pregnant woman the recommended norm of folic acid – 0.4 mg a day. Modern medicines are usually calculated on single reception during the day and contain in structure just such volume. The attending physician can sometimes consider it necessary to increase a medicine dosage. Those women who only plans pregnancy should begin intake of vitamin B to a daily dose in advance – 0.4 mg/days. Intake of medicine should be continued also against the background of the occurred pregnancy. If at a stage of planning of pregnancy of administration of drugs it was not carried out, in case of its approach to begin to drink vitamins follows as soon as possible. It is not difficult at all, and the advantage will be huge.

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