Folk remedies from a depression and a stress

Folk remedies from a depression and a stress

In translation from English the word "stress" means tension, pressure, depression, compression. This condition of physical and emotional pressure arising in not subject, difficult situations.

About a stress and a depression

In fact, the stress is a natural reaction of an organism to external irritants. Despite negative emotional to a color of this word, the stress can be reaction both on negative, and on positive irritants as to be estimated as "aggressor" can any event. According to the physiologist Hans Selye, everything that reproaches a life rhythm, can become the cause of a stress, whether it be a passionate kiss or painful blow.

Sometimes the long negative stress leads to deterioration in a condition of mentality and an organism in general. The come depression can be shown as constant feeling of deep grief, melancholy, hopelessness and otioseness. Prevalence of a low self-assessment, decrease in interest in a favourite hobby and even to simple daily affairs – food, personal hygiene, the solution of economic questions and, often, communication with people. The prolonged depression surely has to proceed under observation of experts as consequences of this disease which is not exposed to treatment can be very serious.

In traditional medicine there is a set of ways to resist to a stress and a depression, to support the organism in hard times and to avoid violation of composure.

Fight against the opponent

At the nervous tension often arising when performing various responsible tasks which demand concentration and attentiveness medicines on the basis of mint, berries of blackcurrant, a calendula, a camomile help. To support work of nervous system, include a celery, corn and hazelnut in the diet. Tincture from flowers of a calendula will help to get rid of a headache and to concentrate attention. To prepare it, take: - calendula flowers – 4 tablespoons; - solution of alcohol of 40% - 200 ml. Flowers of a calendula need to be wetted in spirit solution for two weeks. To bank with tincture surely you store in the dark place. Before application tincture needs to be filtered. Three times a day in 30 minutes prior to food it is necessary to accept mix on 30 drops of tincture and 50 ml of boiled water. For improvement of a metabolism and removal of a nervous trembling in hands accept sage infusion: - a sage grass – 3 tablespoons; - water – 150 ml; - sugar – 1 tsp. Boil water, dissolve in it sugar and fill in with liquid a sage. In 15 minutes, infusion is ready. To accept 150 ml three times a day before food. To get rid of the heavy memoirs pressing on mentality and worsening health it is necessary to accept motherwort infusion. This plant is often used at production of various vegetable sedatives. To prepare infusion, fill in 15 g of the crushed grass of a motherwort and fill in with a glass of boiled water. In half an hour filter liquid, accept 1 tablespoon 4 times a day. To get rid of sincere experiences, use leaves of a lavender or lavender oil. At inhalation of aroma of this plant you get rid of negative emotions. To improve mood, take camomile tincture. Within a week the flowers of a camomile infuse in the dark and warm place on forty-percentage alcohol in a proportion 1:10. After filtering, infusion is accepted inside on 30 drops three times a day.

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