For the sake of what it is worth living

For the sake of what it is worth living

Life is a fascinating adventure which can be painted in different colors. Sometimes it joyful, pleasant and memorable, sometimes sad and sad. But these differences do it interesting. And it is worth living for the sake of many things to make space even more entertaining.

The person is not always capable to live for the sake of himself. How often people who are ready to work only for the sake of others meet, to prepare something tasty only for guests or relatives, to make some acts to win others heart. It is very simple to satisfy the requirements, the person needs a roof over the head, food and comfortable clothes. But if someone is near, then there are much more requirements.

Life for the sake of relatives

Almost all people look for the second half. And couple is necessary not only to be near, it bears meaning of life, it fills every day with the importance. When the person is near, him there is a wish to please, do his world brighter and more fascinating, and it pushes the person for work, on achievements, on acts. Not for nothing men very often look for a muse, and women dream of the birth of the kid. These people bring an order in existence, grant the importance to the events.

Existence someone allows to share nearby what is. And in the presence of a large number of people also to brag of what others do not have. Social games allow to be claimed, aspire to bigger and to fill life with sense. In expensive car there would be no importance if she was not desired for all. She performs all functions, as the regular car, but presence of other people, their aspiration to receive it, does it important, helps to try to obtain such purchases.

Life for the sake of impressions

There are people who choose life for the sake of adventures and emotions. They strive all for the bigger number of experiences, look for new feelings. Their world seems to them boring, and constant search new forces to feel better. Having tested something, they dream to strengthen this feeling, to make it even more brightly and more interestingly. These are people travelers, they enjoy types, visit the different countries. For them emotion on the first place. Also there live thrill-seekers. They constantly try to receive as it is possible a large portion of adrenaline, they are not even frightened by an opportunity to die. Force of the moment is much more important. They jump with a parachute, are alloyed on the mountain rivers, master bungees, both again and again subject themselves to overloads. Impressions can be looked for in different spheres. Someone lives in search of new tastes, someone to seek to try the maximum quantity of physical feelings or even fears.

Life for the sake of the purposes

Life for the sake of the purposes can exist too. The person thinks out to himself a certain top, and then just goes to it. The meaning of existence comes down to achieving the desirable to receive everything that is conceived. It is very fascinating life, but here it is important that the purpose was not of course. If to achieve everything that was thought up, it can become very sad. At achievement there can be a loss of aspiration to exist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team