For what day after monthly conception is possible

For what day after monthly conception is possible

The woman can conceive the child within several days after an ovulation – maturing and an exit of an ovum. It seems that it is very simple to conceive: it is necessary to have only sex at this time. But in fact everything usually is much more difficult.

What is necessary for definition of time for conception

To find out when you can conceive the kid, it is necessary to analyze the menstrual cycle for long time, not less than 6-12 months are better to take the period. Also you remember that you will not be able correctly to calculate everything if accepted contraceptives or other hormonal medications during this term. Suitable for calculations, time when similar means did not influence an organism is "clean".

If your cycle not really regular, then you can only determine probability, but the calculated days will be very inexact. Try to use additional resources for definition of favorable days. Ideally, quite exact calculation can be made if deviations in your cycle did not exceed one or, at most, two days.

How to make calculations

Look what cycle throughout the considered term was the longest and what the shortest. Now take away from short term 18. At you the number since which conception becomes possible will turn out. Then take away from the longest period 11. It is day after which to conceive the child it is represented improbable business. For example, if your cycle fluctuated from 28 to 32 days, then you receive numbers 10 and 21. It turns out that you can become pregnant during the period between 10 and 21 day. It is necessary to remind that the first day of a cycle day of approach monthly is considered.

Whether conception during the adverse period is possible?

Nevertheless, it is impossible to foresee precisely when there is an ovulation. Besides, spermatozoa, having got to the woman's organism, keep activity and are capable to impregnate an ovum within several more days after that. If to argue logically, then during right after monthly and some days before them the woman cannot become pregnant in any way: if there is no ready ovum expecting fertilization in a uterus, then and it is impossible to conceive in any way. However the nature can quite throw a surprise. First, the woman has two ovaries, and beyond one cycle there can be two ova. If there comes the repeated ovulation, then fertilization can happen and later, than it "is necessary", even before the most monthly. Secondly, if the woman is healthy, but has no regular sex, then the organism can react to some substances which contain in sperm and to start a "unplanned" ovulation, if such good luck dropped out. And here at the women having sex regularly similar usually does not occur. In the first days after monthly and even during monthly it is impossible to be confident in negative result for hundred percent too. Spermatozoa can live several days and wait for an exit of an ovum which sometimes ripens before the put term.

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