For what shave nalyso the child

For what shave nalyso the child

Many young mothers ask a question: whether to shave nalyso the child and why it becomes? Often the senior relatives in family recommend to do this unpleasant procedure, operating with the assumptions that hair at the kid will better grow. But actually neither scissors, nor the machine for a hairstyle will be able to change structure of a hair at the child.

When the child is born, on his head yet a presents of hair are absent. He can be born absolutely bald, or his head will be covered by the thinnest down. This down will hold on on the child's head approximately about half a year, is more often up to 4 months. Then all first hair gradually will drop out and will be replaced with the presents, more strong and more thickly. However process of replacement of hair can be dragged out then at the one-year-old child the same light down instead of a good head of hear can flaunt.

Whether to follow tradition?

Traditionally it is considered that the child needs to be cut at this time bare that after that hair grew already normal. Perhaps, for some children who still did not get rid up to the end of the first volosik such procedure also will do good. But it is rather an exception to the rules. No changes in structure of a hair nalyso can come from a hairstyle. Even after this procedure the hair of the child can for a long time time be thin and rare. Or, on the contrary, in a year can already grow dense and long. Everything put not in in due time hairstyle here, and in genes and heredity of parents.

In some families this tradition causes a considerable controversy and even scandals when young mothers do not want to give the one-year-old children in a charge of hairdressers, and grandmothers accuse them of violation of traditions. From where confidence at mothers and grandmothers undertook that it is just necessary to cut the child nalyso? It is all about ancient Christian custom: earlier in families to the one-year-old child cut off a lock of hair, turned in a scarf which was put in a place of honor near icons. Such parcel had to protect the child from troubles. When the girl married or the guy left on war, this parcel with hair was given them as a mascot on good luck and happiness.

Do not do much harm to the kid!

This long custom does not deal nothing in common with the current situation any more. Therefore the baby can just straighten hair that they did not climb in eyes and looked more accurately, but in any way not to shear nalyso. In the summer such procedure will raise smiles and sneers of passersby and other children, forcing both the child, and mom it is uncomfortable to feel, and will deprive of the child of natural heating in the winter. Besides, it is possible to wound or frighten the kid of the machine easily. Such hairstyle has no positive sides. It is recommended to shave the child nalyso only in urgent cases: when he got louses, and it is impossible to bring them in other ways when chewing gum or a burdock gets into hair to the child. Similar extreme cases for small children a big rarity therefore you should not worry, let grow hair of your child in the natural way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team