Formation of children's will

Formation of children's will

That the kid became the strong-willed person, it is necessary to pass several stages. There is it not at once. The will can be compared to the father's voice, at that time when mother can tenderly ask, the father says accurately and directly that it is necessary for it. The will is one of the main traits of character.

The first stage

 Insisting on the opinion, upholding of the interests. When the child shouts: "I am!", it is not will. It is energy which still not properly executed  and it can turn, not only into will, as well as into obstinacy. The stubborn person, does everything in defiance not only himself, but also to people around, and sometimes even on the evil, and here the strong-willed person, does that it is necessary for it, realizing and understanding that it is necessary so, but not differently.

The second stage

To create will at the child, it is necessary to begin with the early childhood. The child has to respect parents, imitate the father, of course, if the father the strong-willed person, then he has to set an example to the child. When he sees readiness of the father to make important decisions and so forth, it also will be the major element, for formation of strong-willed character.

If, the father mumbling, then seeing such behavior, the child will also imitate it and to build up his character and will, more efforts, than will be required from the strong-willed father. However the strong-willed character of the father, can be not only an example, but fear of it too. Suppression its own "I". Try to inform the child not of fear of the parent, and understanding of the necessary hardness.

There are people who suppress free identity, so to speak supporters of free education. Such parents will have no strong-willed children, for them the word "should" be turned better in "I want" as it is associated with suffocating violence that is not acceptable for them.

The third stage

 Respect for reason, obligations, results and their achievements. When for the child will – the value when he understands why he and for what so lives and so does if it has all this, then it can pass to the final stage.

Final stage

Opposition to the desires, emotions which are untimely or inappropriate. Respectively it is necessary to do as it is necessary, but not as there is a wish. It is also manifestations of will power.

Those children who can force themselves to get up in the morning have a will power and to do exercises because they know that they need it to be healthy though they could spend this time, on pandiculations in a bed.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team