Frog fidget with a magnet

Frog fidget with a magnet

Magnets can attract iron through cardboard and other substances. Check it, having arranged for children of a competition in jumps. The cardboard frog on water-lilies magnets will jump. The one who will score more than all points will win.

It is required to you

  • - cover from a shoe box
  • - paints
  • - white paper
  • - glue
  • - cardboard
  • - office paper clip
  • - 6 small magnets
  • - adhesive tape


1. Cut out one of the narrow parties of a cover. Paint a cover inside blue color and put to dry. Draw six leaves of a water-lily on white paper and cut out them. Paint three in yellow, two in green and one in red color. Put to dry. Paste water-lily leaves on a blue cover as shown in the drawing. Turn a cover and an adhesive tape attach on one magnet under each leaf. Draw on cardboard and paint a frog. When dries, cut out on a contour and an adhesive tape paste her under a paunch a paper clip.

2. That the frog jumped, put her one half on edge of a cover. Push it with a palm on a cover. Some of magnets will attract a frog paper clip. You go in turn. In each course three jumps become. The purpose of a game is to tire out a frog once on red, time on yellow and time on a green leaf for one course. Different colors of leaves give different numbers of points: yellow - 2, green - 3, red - 4. For one course it is possible to score no more than nine points.

3. If you get on identical sheets two times, then receive points only once. The others are received by your opponent. In an example on the picture, you receive only the 4th (red) plus 2 (one of yellow).

4. If all of you three times get on identical sheets, for example green, points to you are set off only once. Points for two others are received by your opponent. As shown in the picture, you receive only 3 points.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team