From what age it is possible to give to the child cow's milk?

Earlier practically all children were raised cow's milk. But now doctors say that if early to begin to lure the child this product which contains protein it can provoke an allergy at the kid further. Therefore young mothers begin to argue with seniors as grandmothers say that the child can milk from early age.

Doctors say that babies cannot be lured cow's milk at all. Children need to be raised breast milk until the child does not begin to eat firm food. Though there are new researches which prove that if to give to the child on the first days of life cow's milk, then it on the contrary will protect kids from different even dangerous allergic reaction. But the fact is that this research was conducted only among those children who ate not simple cow's milk, and accepted a special formula for newborns. Plain protein which contains in cow's milk is very dangerous to children. The child can have a rash, there can be problems with a respiratory system, and sometimes at kids even a state of shock, and then and a lethal outcome was observed. It is possible to tell that this type of a feeding up is regarded by experts doubly as well as a question of inoculations.

And in general, if you young mom, you have to know that if you did not give to the kid cow's milk in the first month of life at once, you then do not enter it into a food allowance of the child at all until to it year is executed.

Than to lure the child about one year?

You can give to the kid the special adapted mix which is intended for a children's organism, it is about acidophilous milk and children's kefir, and still there is a special milk for kids. These dairy products release dairy kitchens, and all products are calculated on different age category. Why it is impossible to give cow's milk if to the child it was not executed years? The fact is that cow's milk contains minerals in a large number which cause discomfort in the child's organism, especially in kids at whom the urinary system is not developed yet. As a result, kidneys at kids are overloaded when this product begins to be brought out of an organism. Also this dairy product contains sodium and protein in a large number. This protein has other structure because of what the kid can have an allergic reaction, and further there will be problems even with consumption of other dairy products.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team