From what age of the child it is possible to put in an autocradle

From what age of the child it is possible to put in an autocradle

"Safety of the child above all": under such slogan in Russia rules of transportation of children in cars were introduced. According to regulations the child up to 12 years has to is in a special chair or a cradle. There are several types of the autocradles created taking into account features of children of different age.


1. For newborn babies choose an autocradle of category "0". It is completely horizontal carrying, convenient for the child, which is located across the movement on a rear seat. The cradle is fixed by regular seat belts, and for the child the wide belt is provided inside. Unfortunately, such cradle is not too safe: the majority of models do not maintain even simple crash tests therefore at accident the child can get dangerous injuries.

2. Better to protect the child, seat him in a cradle of category "0+". In it the child is in semi-lying situation, buckles up internal three- or five-dot belts. Such models are also suitable for newborn children, can serve up to 6 months — 1 year, depending on the sizes of a cradle, the child and clothes on it.

3. There are also combined models, "0/0+" which can be displayed under various corner and have two ways of fastening — a wide belt through a tummy or three-point. Anyway it is necessary to consider that horizontal position during accident is recognized as the most dangerous to the child. Besides, at least about one year the kid has to go against the movement of the car as at rather heavy head his cervical muscles are still weak and even sharp braking can injure them.

4. "For growth" choose car seats of the 1 group with an internal five-dot belt and soft tabs. For kids it is better to choose models in which the back tilt angle changes. In a chair with an inclination of a back of 120-140 degrees it is possible to seat the child 6 months are more senior if the inclination makes 90-100 degrees, only after a year provided that he already steadily sits and the trip will be short. As a rule, in such chair the child can go up to 2.5-3 years.

5. For children is more senior pick up model of the 2/3 group, with the regulated height of a back and the coming unfastened seat. In it the child buckles up a regular seat belt, and its situation most often can be regulated. The chair back "grows" over time, and then and comes unfastened. There is only a booster (seat), the child can go by it up to 12 years or until his growth does not exceed 150 cm.

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