From what age the pillow is necessary

From what age the pillow is necessary

The few guess that preference of adults to sleep on a pillow is rather habit developed for years than urgent physiological need. Therefore before parents there is a natural question: whether to put the kid to bed on a pillow or to do without this bed accessory.


1. The answer of pediatricians in this case is unambiguous – the child does not need a pillow for the first three years of life. This time of intensive growth of the kid, when backbone bones still very soft and pliable. Therefore the wrong position of the head on a classical pillow can easily provoke serious bone deformations and to become a bearing cause of infringement. Other reason for refusal of pillows at infantile age – high risk of suffocation during sleep. The baby can simply turn over on a stomach, be absorbed in a friable pillow and choke. Unfortunately, such tragedies happen.

2. Often adults hurry to enclose to the newborn baby under the head some kind of analog of a pillow in the form of the curtailed flannelette or flannel diaper. This measure is justified when the child has a plentiful salivation or predisposition to vomiting. The diaper will simply absorb excessive liquid and will help the baby to sleep with comfortable conditions.

3. To three-year age the kid is physiologically ready to sleeping on a pillow. However if your child perceives new attribute for a dream without delight, do not insist on the – the senior children also perfectly can do without pillow. If the baby with pleasure accepted an innovation, take care of the choice of a qualitative and safe pillow.

4. Choosing so important thing for the kid, consider that the good children's pillow has to be thin, low and on width to occupy all headboard of a bed. Many qualitative samples are supplied with special devices for fixing. They will allow a pillow to remain on the place during an uneasy dream of the child. Try to watch that on a pillow not only the head, but also the tot's shoulders was located. It will help to avoid additional load of cervical department of a backbone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team