From what products swells out a stomach at the newborn

From what products swells out a stomach at the newborn

The small child, especially the first, for mother is always series of various opening. Some of them pleasant, others not really. Are ready to part of mother of them, to others – no. So, for example, in spite of the fact that know many about gripes, not all are ready to the increased gas generation at the baby. And gripes are the most part reaction to mom's food. And to get rid of them or at least to reduce potential harm, it is necessary to reconsider the food.


1. The first that needs to be made, - to reconsider the relation to products. It is necessary to treat each of them so as if you see it for the first time in life. And it means what is it is necessary in the small portions, experimentally checking whether your child will give reaction or not. It is necessary to monitor reaction about a day. And the intolerance of this product will optional be expressed in gripes of the kid, it can be a lock, a diarrhea or allergic reactions.

2. It is necessary to exclude plentiful libations – holiday tables with such fat and nutritious salads as herring under a fur coat, a mimosa, etc. Such food can easily lead to problems with a stomach at the kid.

3. You look also at the reaction to different products. For example, if you show swelling, then and the kid, most likely, too will have it.

4. Also right after childbirth it is necessary to refuse the following products: canned food, citruses, sourcrout, grapes, tomatoes, sausage, chocolate. They have effect of fermentation that, naturally, leads to the increased gas generation both in mother's intestines, and in the child's intestines.

5. For prevention of kolik in a stomach it is better to include in the diet vegetables (especially stewed), fermented milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, natural drinking yogurt), apples (green and baked), bread with bran or cereals, the whole porridges cooked not on milk, boiled meat, eggs (in moderate quantities), broths, biscuit.

6. You should not worry that the diet is your continuous power now. First, with age intestines of the kid become more mature and so do not react to food any more. Secondly, over time you learn to understand that causes swelling and gripes in your child and exclude only these products. For example, the kid practically with guarantee will have gripes if you drink kvass. Means, for breastfeeding it is necessary to refuse this drink.

7. Also you watch how the quantity of a portion is reflected in a kolikoobrazovaniye at the child. Perhaps from 2-3 grapes he even will feel nothing, and here half a kilogram will at once cannot stop crying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team