Gels for a teething

Gels for a teething

There are several symptoms testifying to a teething: the kid begins to gnaw everything, suddenly becomes whimsical, sleeps badly, gums of the kid in the place of the outlined tooth become red and soft. If you suspected that the kid suffers because of the growing teeth, it is possible to take measures. The gels facilitating eruption is rather new invention. Such gels have both pluses of use, and minuses.

What gels for a teething exist

Among gels for a teething it is most known to Kalgel. The main active ingredient in its structure - lidocaine which has the local anesthetizing effect. Other Holisal gel. The substances having the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anesthetizing effect are its part.

There are gels having vegetable components in structure. For example, "Dentinoks". The camomile having anti-inflammatory effect, and lidocaine is a part of this gel. Kamistad is the gel almost similar on structure and action of Dentinoksu. But at the same time Kamistad is contraindicated for children up to 12 years!

Purely vegetable gels for a teething exists not so much. For example, Baby Doctor gel the camomile, a root alteya, a plantain and others has in structure extracts of such herbs as a calendula, ekhinatseya. This gel has the anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing effect. As it is based on herbs, use of this gel is safer, than previous. There are also other gels for a teething, but the principle of their action cardinally does not differ from stated above.

Advantages of gels

All gels have local effect, without influencing completely an organism of the kid. It is convenient to apply them, and action comes quickly enough. At rare use or at the beginning of use of gel its action will be rather strong.

Shortcomings of gels

Before use of gel for a teething it is necessary to study the instruction and to learn the opinion of the doctor on its application for the specific child. Each gel has the restrictions and contraindications. Often the efficiency of such way of pain relief from a teething decreases because the kid eats the most part of gel during drawing. It is rather difficult to understand in what quantity gel got on gums. Also the fact that their action is rather short-term belongs to all listed gels. During a teething at the child the increased salivation develops. Saliva simply washes away gel from gums. Besides at constant use of gels (except Baby Doctor gel) accustoming to the anesthetizing components develops, gradually the organism of the kid ceases to perceive them. Lidocaine as a part of gels for a teething is considered powerful allergen. At first it is necessary to make sure of lack of allergic reaction to it. The impossibility of frequent and prolonged use of gels forces parents to look for also other ways of pain relief at a teething at the kid. It is better to apply gel during the sharpest period. Usually it comes when tooth already just about seems from a gum. At this moment the gum swells most of all and brings to the child a lot of painful feelings. During the entire period of a teething it is better to resort to a package of measures for simplification of a condition of the kid. It can be herbal teas for washing of a mouth, anti-inflammatory candles, the anesthetizing syrup, etc. You should not stop the choice only on gels for a teething.

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