Gender education of the kid: pros and cons

Gender education of the kid: pros and cons

Quickly changing world led to destruction of habitual stereotypes of male and female behavior. More often persons who behave antithetically the sex become idols of millions. The principle of gender education is directed just to that such behavior did not become the norm for the child in his adulthood.

What is the gender education and in what its advantages

The English word "gender" literally means belonging to any given sort, that is a floor. During gender education of kids their social sex, understanding that he / she is a man/woman is formed. Formation of so-called gender identity begins in family and depends on the attitude of the closest people towards the kid and to each other. From that, parents of both floors are how close to it, its psychological communication both with mom, and with dad is so strong. But strengthening of the laid foundation of sex happens in school days, in educational institution and in many respects depends on a technique of teaching, the relation of teachers to gender education.

During gender education of boys it take root a maskulinnost basis, that is the behavior characteristic only of men – since early years to be strong, not to show weakness in any situation, to be able to take care of itself and the relatives. Such knowledge and habits are very important for formation of the man in society, its success and self-confidence, in respect of people around for it throughout all his life.

In formation of the identity of the girl in certain time, as a rule, in 4-5 years, there comes the turning point when she tries to imitate boys. A task of parents who adhere to a gender technique in education, to try to keep trusting and cordial relations with the baby, not to try to break her aspiration to be strong, and softly and unostentatiously to show that to be a woman with men's manners and character it is ugly and wrong. Purely female skills and manners imparted in the early childhood will help to make it a right choice of the partner in life and to start a strong successful family.

Gender education in educational institutions – all pros and cons

If in family the method of gender education does not raise questions and doubts at most of parents, then around a similar educational technique more often there are disputes. In fact, gender education of children at schools consists in division of classes into men's and women's. During the classes the emphasis is placed for a role of any given floor, its duties and features of behavior. Opinions of leading experts in the field of pedagogics on such education differ, and as an example, and both positive, and negative, give experimental classes of separate training in several schools of the country. Someone from experts categorically against such method of training as considers that separate training and emphasis in education on sex, negatively affects socialization of the person in society after its exit from walls of educational institution. Supporters of gender education give as an argument in its advantage that progress indicators in separate classes are much higher, and social adaptation happens during communication with an opposite sex out of lessons. Besides, opponents of a gender method point also to features of character of some children as risk factor, for example, too active girls cannot just take root in purely female class, and with gentle disposition it is difficult to boys to acquire knowledge in collective where only strengths of the personality are popularized. In similar cases the gender education not only does not bring benefit, but also can do harm to mentality of children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team