Glyukogozotolerantny test: why it is done to pregnant women?

Glyukogozotolerantny test: why it is done to pregnant women?

During pregnancy the load of the woman's organism significantly increases. It can provoke violations in work of internals and lead to developing of diseases. In due time to detect the diseases which arose or aggravated against the background of pregnancy, to future mothers a large number of various researches is appointed. One of obligatory researches is the glyukogozotolerantny test, or in a different way "sugar loading". As a result of this research it is possible to detect gestational diabetes in the pregnant woman.

Gestational diabetes, or gestosis is a form of diabetes which develops at future mom during incubation of the child. The gestosis develops as a result the organism of mother does not develop necessary amount of insulin.

The gestosis can negatively influence pre-natal development of the child. For this reason to the pregnant woman on the term of 24-28 weeks the glyukogozotolerantny test is without fail appointed.

This test is carried out as follows:

  • The pregnant woman takes in the morning on an empty stomach a blood test from a vein. At the same time the night before it is necessary to refuse meal. At once after delivery of the first test of blood the glucose level is measured.
  • Then within 5 minutes the pregnant woman drinks specially prepared glucose solution.
  • An hour later after the pregnant woman drank glucose solution, take blood from a vein from it again and measure glucose level. If results indicate presence of gestational diabetes, then the test stops. If standard indicators are not exceeded, then one more hour later blood from a vein repeatedly undertakes.

Thus, this research on average takes 3 hours.

The following limit rates of level of glucose in blood for pregnant women are defined:

  • no more than 5.1 mmol/l at primary blood donation;
  • no more than 10 mmol/l 1 hour later after the glucose solution use;
  • no more than 8.5 mmol/l 2 hours later.

For obtaining reliable results of a research the woman has to be prepared, namely:

  • to refrain from meal in 10-14 hours prior to the beginning of the test;
  • to exclude physical activities;
  • to ensure the balanced food;
  • to report to the doctor about the medicines accepted at the time of the research, vitamin complexes.

If by results of a research made to the woman the diagnosis - gestational diabetes, take her on special control. The main conditions for providing a normal course of pregnancy are observance of a diet and moderate physical activities. 1.5 months later after the delivery the woman should pass repeatedly a test to define whether there was diabetes against the background of pregnancy, or this independent disease. 

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