Guarantee of successful education of the child

Guarantee of successful education of the child

Nobody is born the scientist. From the first day we develop as parents, together with the tiny child, we learn to live together, to worry, care about each other and to build the new family relations. And education begins from first minute.

The main thing in the relations is a receiving the maximum dose of love, tenderness and tranquility. The voice of mom and dad works in a magic way, and physical proximity the best that can receive a fragile being. It gradually learns to distinguish intonation, a look, an eye. All this bears a certain message. The child begins to perceive that he sees, hears and feels. A talk of adults, language of their body and the general behavior influence the kid. When he becomes more senior, new rules are applied. A world research around: to touch with hands, to drag something in a mouth and even to destroy. It is a part of its growth and, certainly, it influences formation of the personality and a self-assessment.

- Do not fill up the kid with the constant bans. If you worry about dangerous objects, put on the high place, hide. Make the safe field of "fight" and leave the child to investigate. Do not suppress curiosity and experiments, they are a basis of creative thinking.

- Choose carefully expressions. Do not abuse it for each nonsense. Forbid only those things which threaten its safety.

- Encourage with words and embraces. Let will be self-assured what does what is pleasant to his favourite people. Incentives much stronger weapon in education, than the bans and critics. Criticize not the personality, and behavior.

- Do not forget to tell and show that you love it. It is not necessary to sneer at all, and do not call offensive epithets, it woefully for each personality, not to mention the child.

Remind of the rules imposed on the kid. He has to know why they are established and in what their sense. It is not necessary to underestimate children, they understand if to explain to them. Fix small tasks which belong to its duties. So he will feel participation in family and, of course, reward each effort by a praise. Let punishments come down generally to a serious talk or a temporary ban.

Look for alternative options. When the child is in opposition, speak with him, learn to peregovarivat. Give him the chance to choose between options which suit also you. Do not forget that ears and eyes of the child are always aimed at parents. You model for imitation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team