Gynecologic survey during pregnancy: whether there is a need?

Gynecologic survey during pregnancy: whether there is a need?

When on the test two strips, and are clear that the woman waits for the kid, time to think comes — and whether to go to hospital? Visit of policlinic is a business quite difficult, it is necessary to take a talonchik, to undergo inspection, to make tests, and then to go behind results. But doctors claim that it is procedures necessary. Observation at the gynecologist allows to secure life and health.

Pregnancy is a difficult process as a result of which the organism of future mom transfers big loadings. At the same time there are cases when the birth of the child is contraindicated. And early diagnostics will help to learn about it in advance. For example, extra-uterine pregnancy poses a threat for mother's life, and without survey of the expert it is impossible to define it.

Why to go to the doctor?

The campaign to the gynecologist allows to estimate health of mother and child correctly. At first take analyses which speak about health of the woman. They show existence of inflammation, infections, reveal signs which can threaten pregnancy. The first time is better to address the doctor till 12th week of pregnancy. At the first survey the gynecologist will establish conception terms, so, and time of the birth of the kid.

If with mom everything is all right, planned observations of development of the child begin. The modern medicine allows to see in a womb how there is a development of an embryo. In 9 months at least three ultrasonography on which it will be possible to see the kid will be appointed, to hear his heartbeat, and the doctor will estimate as various bodies develop. If not to attend similar procedures, it is possible to pass the moment when something goes not so. Planned observations are safe and very productive. The gynecologist will surely send future mom to the analyses allowing to detect malformations in the child. Today such researches are necessary for each woman. Early diagnostics detects the genetic diseases, for example, a Down syndrome. At the same time it is important to make these tests at initial stages to have an opportunity to make the decision on the birth of the kid. The gynecologist can also define threat of an abortion. On a condition of a neck of the uterus clear as there passes the incubation period. If is the need pregnant send "for preservation" in special medical institutions where under observation of doctors the pregnancy takes place more softly, the threat of loss of a fruit decreases. Special procedures facilitate passing of the period, help to be prepared for childbirth.

Frequency of visit of the doctor

Each doctor makes the schedule of visits individually. Usually to 24 weeks of pregnancy one observation a month suffices if there are no deviations. Then meetings become more frequent to one in three weeks. And before childbirth it is necessary to come to survey of times a week. In addition it is necessary to visit ultrasonography, and also to make tests. If the woman for the first time sees a doctor on term up to 10 weeks, then she is waited by a reward. It is paid at the child's birth, is not large, but allows to buy something to the kid.

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