Hand-made articles as a gift for dad: we do together with children

Hand-made articles as a gift for dad: we do together with children

It is always pleasant to receive the gift made with own hands: it is initially unique and unique. Special joy and gratitude are caused by the gifts executed by children. And for parents it is one more reason for pride of the son or the daughter.

Most often "men's" gifts are made by a birthday or the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Options set: it is possible to draw or stick together a card, suitable to a holiday, from color paper, having issued it, for example, in the form of a tie or still some especially men's subject. And it is possible to make something unusual like a trinket of the salty test or a frame for the family photo.

Charm the hands

At first it is necessary to make salty dough for a molding: from one glass of salt, a half of a glass of water and a tablespoon of vegetable oil to add flour to mix, to knead uniform dough. Further, from it it is possible to mold any figure: a ball, the machine, a rocket, a star, etc. (everything depends on hobbies of dad) to make an opening for a ringlet. To dry up a ready figure in an oven at a low temperature. It was necessary to paint a charm, the original gift is ready to insert a ring for a key – and.

Gift with the photo

Dad because of employment spends usually a little time with children therefore the frame or a bookmark with the family photo can become a good gift for it. It is possible to make them of dense cardboard, the difference will be in sizes and registration.

It is better to paint a frame for the photo, then to paste over with figures of the objects connected with a profession or hobby of dad. On a back wall to make a support of dense cardboard or a loop of a strong thread. If dad likes to read or every day uses the daily log, a self-made bookmark will be by the way. Dense cardboard needs to be pasted over from two parties with color paper over which to paste light rectangles smaller, than a bookmark, the size: to paste over the first with children's or family photos, on the second to write warm words and wishes. The ribbon (or a lacet) in the top part of a hand-made article which is passed throughout the opening done by a puncher or a pricker will decorate a bookmark. The value of such gifts is that they will always remind of the house and family.

T-shirt with the drawing

One more idea for a gift – a t-shirt with the drawing. The child can ornament a light monophonic t-shirt paints or markers for fabric. That in the course of drawing the lower layer was not painted, between front and back parts of a t-shirt it is necessary to lay the sheet of dense paper. It is possible to apply the drawing on the same leaf, then will be it to circle on a t-shirt surface enough. For fixing of the drawing the t-shirt needs to be ironed the iron without steam. And one more moment — will add any gift good packing, it is necessary to accustom to it since childhood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team