Hand-made articles from plasticine the hands for development of the kid

Hand-made articles from plasticine the hands for development of the kid

The molding from plasticine – a great way not only to occupy the child, but also to develop his fine motor skills, imagination and intelligence. In the course of production of hand-made articles from plasticine the child acquires combinations of flowers easier, studies geometrical forms, develops spatial thinking. It is possible to begin classes with a molding from 1.5-2 years.

Preparation for a molding

The usual store plasticine made of clay or paraffin suits only children is more senior since it rather rigid and to the kid it is difficult to knead it in plastic weight. For the least fans of creativity it is necessary to get the special mass of the increased softness or ball plasticine.

A great option for children of any age – house weight for creativity from flour, salt and water. Take on a glass of each ingredient, knead stiff dough, wrap it in a package and put for the night in the fridge. In the morning house plasticine will become softer and convenient for work.

Besides, classes by a molding will require a special plastic board or a piece of linoleum, stacks are sticks for work with plasticine, decorative elements, cardboard, paints and brushes for coloring of finished products from house weight.

Hand-made articles from plasticine the hands

With the kid who only tries to mold from plasticine begin with the simplest flat hand-made articles. For example, try to stick together "A flower clearing". For work you will need cardboard, color plasticine and pencils. If you mold from house weight – after drying the hand-made article will need to be painted. On a piece of cardboard draw with a pencil the sketch of future hand-made article – leaflets and florets. Then together with the child begin to fill with green plasticine the space intended for leaves yellow or pink – for petals. Cores of flowers can be designated by contrast plasticine, and to trace streaks of leaves a stack. You teach the child to knead accurately plasticine, to smear it on cardboard, trying not to come for the drawn lines. Show to the kid how to skatyvat thin rollers and balls how to use them for production of stalks or cores of flowers. Acquaint the child and with ways of receiving new colors: for orange, for example, it is required to mix yellow and red, for violet – blue and red. A molding of volume hand-made articles - a huge scope for creativity. You can use not only plasticine, but also natural material, beads, beads, grain, jars, etc. For example, try to make animals for puppet theater. For work you will need plastic eggs from "Kinder surprises". Stick a red comb, a beak and two wings to yellow egg – the chicken will turn out. Having dreamed up, in the same way make also other figures to help the child – use images of animals. From below pierce eggs long skewers and in the evening you will be able to play for members of household a sketch from the favourite fairy tale. Having taught the child to work with plasticine, you will open for it the infinite world of creativity. Also can happen so that it still will surprise you with the imagination and an invention.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team