Happy breastfeeding not the myth

Happy breastfeeding not the myth

The first month a mouth at the kid on breastfeeding is practically not closed. Yes it is also its main task - to eat and sleep. Especially it concerns krupnenky children - they and after birth continue to eat actively, as in mummy's womb.

Secrets of breastfeeding are very simple, but work:

  • We feed the baby only according to his requirement! Somewhere in 2-3 months the child himself will adjust to the stable mode.
  • Not to try to eat ""for two"", and it is obligatory to drink ""for two"": not less than 2 liters in day of warm liquid (compotes, teas, juice, a dogrose, just water). Often green tea helps (even better tea with milk). But with green tea the people suffering from the lowered pressure need to be more careful.
  • To drink surely a glass of liquid in 10 minutes prior to feeding and right after.
  • The joint dream and feeding do the part at night - in the morning inflow of milk is guaranteed.
  • In soul - it is possible to start up hot water jets a few.
  • When the child is scared, upset, chilled to feed him as often as possible, milk arrives even quicker.
  • To feed it is necessary to try every time from other breast (that flowed equally in both). Even if sometimes it seems that in one breast there is almost no milk, - to continue to feed from it in turn, and everything is normalized.
  • Very much massage of a breast helps to adjust breastfeeding - it is very strongly necessary to pound all breast (beginning from under a clavicle and around a thorax) - all mammary glands which can be corked so open. It is better if such massage to you is done by the husband, mom (it is desirable to pound too before each feeding).
  • Up to 3 months not to give to the child of water or other liquid (except dill water if gases torment), and to put to a breast more often.
  • Not to worry and not to overtire! You will not remake everything and you will not correct the world, and your main task is to grow up the big guy for the Fatherland benefit.

Milk comes not always at once - so at once be prepared for a couple of difficult days. But the result is worth it! It is stronger, healthier than the child on breastfeeding, their communication with mom is steadier. Especially breastfeeding is necessary for children whose parents allergic persons as, the longer mom nurses such kid, the longer the baby receives antibodies, and can avoid allergic manifestations in general.

And mom breastfeeding helps to be restored in shape - excess calories will be taken away by the kid. And during a lactation you will not eat any chemistry that too will do good to yours to a figure and health. Besides, during feeding you will feel really happy since cunning hormone of happiness is strongly produced during a lactation too.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team