Healthy nutrition of children about one year

Healthy nutrition of children about one year

The child on the first year of the life is called chest as its main food is maternal milk which has the useful properties necessary for normal development of the baby.

Of course, maternal milk is an optimum food of children about one year which is ideal for a children's organism. No modern food is capable to replace advantage of breast milk at the expense of which the immune system of the child is formed. Thus, children who are on chest or mixed feeding, have less often catarrhal diseases as their organism becomes more resistant to various viruses and to infections.

It is necessary to select expediently food of children about one year. The menu depends on age and specific features of the child. Every month assumes introduction of any product as gradually breast milk becomes less useful, and the children's organism demands the strengthened food. Of course, the feeding mom has to watch closely the food allowance that fresh vegetables and fruit entered it. Besides, she due to exclude alcohol and consumption of sugar. It is possible to enter a feeding up from 2-3 months. As a rule, the first food of children about one year consists in receiving juice. It is necessary to begin with several drops, gradually increasing quantity depending on reaction of an organism. Less allergenic juice is apple which should be parted previously with water in equal proportions. If the organism of the child transfers juice well, then it is possible to begin to enter other juice, but only gradually and serially.

The fourth month of life of the child assumes further food of children about one year - it is vegetable and fruit purees which can be bought in specialized shops of baby food or to prepare independently in house conditions. The most widespread and the dish loved by children are mashed potatoes to which it is gradually possible to add in small quantities butter, salt and milk. Next month the food of children of the first year of life includes cottage cheese. But not all children at such age love cottage cheese in an initial look. For giving of beautiful view and sweetish taste it is possible to add fruit purees, sour cream, the mashed banana, etc. In half a year, various porridges which enrich a children's organism with necessary minerals and vitamins are already cooked. First it is necessary to crush grain that the kid could swallow it with ease. At emergence of the first teeth it is necessary to enter gradually firm food by means of which the organs of articulation develop and the structure of teeth is formed. In 7-8 months about one year it is possible to enter meat products and fish dishes into food of children, previously having crushed and having eliminated bones. Primary ways of cooking of dishes for small children is a cooking or preparation on couple. Thanks to it in products there is a maximum quantity of useful substances which are necessary for the child. By a year the child is accustomed to the main set of adult food. It is occasionally possible to give salty products (pickles, salty fish) that has a positive impact on exchange processes and also increases appetite. At emergence of teeth it is not necessary to offer the child the wiped dishes, let him independently begin to chew and digest food. Begin with small pieces (for example, an apple segment), and it is possible to try to bite off independently from the whole fruit later. Throughout all life you should not forget about usual drinking water which is simply necessary for internal processes of a children's organism. It is not necessary to include juice, teas, dairy products in this quantity. As a rule, in hot season and at temperature increase of a body a large amount of moisture which part evaporates through sweat from the surface of skin at high temperature of air and a body is required.

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