Household dangers to the child

Household dangers to the child

Small child inherently pervoispytatel. Everything that surrounds it is interesting to it, and let until this the huge world, new to it, is concentrated in apartment space, he with interest investigates it. Parents have to secure the kid, make his researches the safest.


1. Kids during bathing always have to be under supervision, otherwise water from the friend can turn into the enemy. To drown, the child has enough 6 centimeters of water. The toilet bowl, a sink, a fountain, buckets with water, the inflatable pool, a ditch with rain water in this case belong to dangerous objects.

2. The most widespread objects which children burn today are first of all hot drinks, such as coffee or tea. From the household objects causing ozheg the rectifier for hair became the leader.

3. Parents should know about danger which preparation of a barbecue can provoke. In a brazier even after cooking carbon monoxide is emitted, and therefore the barbecue categorically cannot be brought in a tent in case it is going to rain. Carbon monoxide accumulates below as it is heavier than air.

4. Babies about half a year have no sufficient forces to turn over. For this reason for children of such age use rigid mattresses. Suffocation can the child's dream on an orthopedic mattress, a feather-bed or a water bed will end.

5. Plastic bags, bags and to that similar things need to be held inaccessible to the child as the kid can choke in them if he dresses them on the head and will not be able to remove, having got confused.

6. Any wire, a cord or a lace more than 14 centimeters can become the cause of suffocation for the child up to 36 months. This age allows kids to move, but they are not able to get out of troubles independently. So these objects have to clean up parents from a field of vision of children as it is possible further.

7. All sockets in the house where there is a small child, have to be closed by special mechanisms with a lock in order that not only to save the kid from electric shock, but also in order that it could not pull out this safety lock from the socket.

8. Kids drag in a mouth all small objects, such as buttons, coins, details from the designer, candies, chewing gums. Parents should remove melkogabority things far away from children's eyes because the child can choke or thrust them to himself into a nose.

9. For the kid an eye yes of eyes is necessary, parents should not forget about it for a second. Nearly a half of all accidents with children comes from falling from height. Here not only falling from a balcony, but also from a carriage, from a bed and from a chair belong.

10. It is impossible to leave electric devices included in network at all. Because of low-quality devices there can be an ignition, the baby can receive ozheg from the hot iron or at all electric shock.

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