How and when to separate the child from a breast

How and when to separate the child from a breast

Breastfeeding – the most intimate action in the relations between mom and the kid. It is not just meal, it is exchange of emotions, feelings and knowledge. Not for nothing since ancient times there was an expression – "absorbed with mother's milk". In process of growing and development of the world the child gradually adjusts the autonomous mode of existence. It is difficult to tell unambiguously at what age it will cross this milestone of "maturity" - independent refusal of a breast.


1. It is considered, the earlier you decide to separate the child from a breast, the quicker and more without serious consequences everything will pass. However experts advise whenever possible not to stop breastfeeding up to 1-1.5 years. Determine for yourself and the kid comfortable terms, taking into account specific features of the child: favor to a feeding up, level of immunity, degree of "chest" dependence, etc.

2. In the absence of emergency situations it is better to separate the kid from a breast smoothly. Replace one chest feeding (for example, morning) with introduction of a feeding up. Do not give a breast "on snack". If the child insists, distract, switch attention, as a last resort, offer a little decanted milk from a small bottle.

3. In 5-7 days replace the second meal (lunch), etc. Walk on the street more, play, be engaged with it (draw, you mold and so forth). Try "to reorientate" as much as possible a form of contact of the kid with mom, smoothly replacing the pacifying action of a breast with other types of tactile and emotional communication.

4. Concerning night feeding, it can be excluded or beforehand (before day), or later. Before withdrawal for sleeping the child needs to be fed nourishingly, it is better porridge. Not to excite the kid in the middle of the night a smell of maternal milk, ask dad, the grandmother or other "favourite" adult to pump over the baby, having taken on hands at a stage of dozing grunting. It is possible to offer a little water or dried fruits infusion, if necessary.

5. If to replace mom there is nobody, it will be a little more difficult. The main thing to keep calm since the kid better than any radar catches and reacts to insignificant fluctuations of mother's mood. You carry the child on hands, having laid his head on the shoulder, far away from a breast, monotonously "you purr" in a step to raskachivaniye. If the child finally woke up and is capricious, switch his attention to a small lamp or an unusual night lamp. If nothing helps, do not despair – to you only night to hold on. On following everything it will be much simpler. Even the biggest meanies "give up" on the third, and peacefully snuffle till the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team