How many it is necessary to walk with the newborn

How many it is necessary to walk with the newborn

Walks are an integral part of care for the baby. Its duration depends on many factors: weather conditions, desire and health of mom and child.

Fresh air is necessary for the kid from first weeks of life. Walks with the newborn promote his sound sleep, thanks to saturation of lungs oxygen, besides, in the sun the vitamin D protecting the kid from rickets is produced.

When to walk

Many pediatricians incline that with the kids born in warm season it is necessary to walk from the moment of discharge from maternity hospital, and with the newborns who were born in the fall and in the winter - on the second week of life. Thus, the organism of the baby adapts to the environment quicker. That the little man got used to fresh winter air, the first walk can be arranged on the balcony or in carefully aired room.

Anyway the first walks should be begun from 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing time spent with the kid on air till two o'clock to monthly age. In the winter with the newborn walk at a temperature to minus 10 degrees and it is absolutely short. In case on the street the cold wind blows, time of walk should be limited to at most half an hour, at the same time having put on a carriage bottom a warm blanket or matrasik. Experienced pediatricians advise the kid not to dress too warmly and not to close his nose a blanket. The optimum quantity of clothes on the newborn - is one layer more, than is put on on mom. In warm season with the baby it is possible to be on the street though the whole day. However, in practice most of kids are capable to sustain walk for a while from feeding before feeding. At babies this time is of half an hour to an hour, at children on artificial feeding slightly longer - till one and a half o'clock. During a strong heat, at a temperature over 25-30 degrees the long walks are not recommended that the newborn did not receive thermal or sunstroke. In that case perfectly walks in the shaded place will approach or the time spent for the street should be postponed to early morning or evening.

How many to walk

Young mummies often have a question, how many times to go outside with the kid. Here everything depends on health of the woman and small remains. If both feel well, then walks can be made twice a day at good weather. In other cases there is nothing terrible in taking a walk with small only once in day or to come for walk at all, and to limit stay of the kid on the glazed balcony or in well aired room. Summarizing all aforesaid, it is possible to select main rules of walks. It is necessary to walk with the newborn child at least once a day. Over time walks mom is defined, being guided by weather conditions and common sense. In the first weeks of life with the kid it is not necessary to go outside at a temperature over 30 or lower than 15 degrees. During walk it is not necessary to perekutyvat too the baby, it is necessary to dress the kid on weather and one layer more, than it is put on on mom.

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