How many the child has chickenpox

How many the child has chickenpox

Chickenpox – an acute viral disease which is very infectious. The disease can begin both at adults, and at the children who were not ill earlier. It is very easy to distinguish it thanks to characteristic symptomatology.

Signs of the desease chickenpox:

  •    The itching rash.
  •    Temperature increase.
  •    Headaches.
  •    A fever, in hard cases – feverish states.
  •    Small appetite or absence.
  •    Lymph nodes increase.

Rash at chickenpox in one day turns into bubbles in which transparent contents. It in couple of days will dim, and the bubble will dry up, having closed by a crust. Process can be followed by an itch. Crusts in 10-20 days will disappear.

After rash there can be ugly traces on skin. Not to allow it, it is necessary to carry out antiseptic processing of rashes more often. Chickenpox children of preschool age who at the nagger begin to scratch bubbles have more often and as a result can catch ugly scars.

The child at chickenpox is what is the time infectious

Most often chickenpox begins absolutely unexpectedly and considerably changes family plans. Therefore many parents are interested at the doctor how many the child who got sick with chickenpox is infectious. But it is unambiguous to answer this question not easy – at chickenpox the incubation period at children is considered to be making 14 days, for adults – 16 days. Chickenpox – a disease artful, it is almost impossible to define, where exactly the child was infected and how many will be ill. But in the most general cases temperature and rash will remain for 6-10 days. Then from it crusts disappear, leather is purified from rash. At the had person the immunity to a disease for the rest of life remains.

It is possible to be infected with chickenpox and not to suspect about it a few weeks more. Transfer of a virus happens in the airborne way. In the household way chickenpox is not transmitted. Not to ache, it is necessary just to exclude contacts with the infected person. Disinfection of things in housing is not required.

How many days last chickenpox

At infection the signs can appear 10 days later from an onset of the illness. Since appearance of rash on skin the child is infectious for the people around which do not have immunity. The danger to be infected remains until rash does not become covered by crusts. These are about 5-10 days. In two weeks after an onset of the illness it is considered ended.

That the child was not infected with chickenpox, it is necessary to exclude contacts with the infected adults or other children. But most of doctors consider that it is better to have this disease at early age when it is transferred easily and passes without consequences. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team