How many the child of 7-8 months has to sleep

How many the child of 7-8 months has to sleep

Dream for the kid - time when its organism develops, forces spent for the solution of age tasks are filled. Besides, this desired time for rest of young parents.

How many the child of seven-eight months has to sleep in the afternoon

Total sleep duration of seven months the child is fourteen or fifteen hours a day.

By 7-8 months of the first year of life the kid already develops a certain mode of a dream to which he will adhere within the next year. Duration of a daytime sleep depends on temperament of the child, his physiological features and environmental conditions.

So, quieter children sleep more, than hyperactive. In the period of a teething or catarrhal manifestations the mode of a daytime sleep can be broken. The age norm is considered: a morning dream within two hours, as a rule, from eleven in the morning till one o'clock in the afternoon and after-dinner - from three o'clock in the afternoon to five o'clock in the evening. The thrice daytime sleep is justified at this age too, but the number of hours of a dream decreases to one and a half. An indisputable fact is that during walk the kids sleep much better, than at home. Therefore it is better to lay the uneasy baby in a carriage and to allow to breathe fresh air, the dream will come much quicker.

How many the child of seven-eight months has to sleep at night

If to stack the kid after nine o'clock in the evening, normal his dream will last till seven in the morning. Thus, its duration will be equal to ten hours. For night feeding the child can rise after two o'clock in the morning and after delight of a small stomach will strong fall asleep till the morning. Night sleep is influenced by perception of last day. If in the house there were guests, and the baby was overexcited, then withdrawal for sleeping can move for later time. During night awakening it is necessary to try not to kill a dream of the kid. For feeding and disguise will be rather muffled night lamp light.

How to help the child to adjust the dream mode

Not put to bed the baby immediately after feeding. Hold it a few minutes a column.

If day by day to repeat withdrawal rituals for sleeping, then the baby will be adjusted on a certain mode in advance. Before night sleep - bathing, the calming massage, clothing of a pajamas, feeding and singing of a lullaby of a song. Before a daytime sleep - feeding, rocking on hands of mom and laying in a bed with a favourite soft toy. In order that the sleep was sound and was not interrupted, it is necessary to feed before going to bed the child is more nutritious. For example, before night sleep to give as a feeding up a dairy squash with butter. Will approach buckwheat, oat or corn. These grades of grain quickly are digested and sate the kid for long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team