How not to be infected by the child

How not to be infected by the child

The person can get sick, but children especially often are ill. They should contact to a great number of peers constantly. One sick kid at whom symptoms were not shown yet can infect all group or a class. Certainly, the loving parents do everything possible that their child recovered, look after him. But there is a problem: and as not to be infected with him by the child.


1. Whenever possible isolate the sick kid from other family members, and approaching him, surely put on a face gauze mask. If there is no such opportunity – wear gauze masks constantly, often change them.

2. More often do damp cleaning of the room, air the room. Dry and warm air – the ideal environment for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

3. Wash thoroughly ware which the sick child uses and surely rinse with boiled water. Its bed and underwear, replaceable clothes, handkerchiefs it is necessary to boil, if necessary with addition of disinfectants.

4. Use protective properties onions and garlic. Of course, they unpleasantly smell, but it is better to endure this smell, than to ache. You carry on a neck of "necklace" from cut segments of onions and garlic, do not forget to change often them (in each several hours). You can place in different corners of the house of capacity with segments of onions and garlic, also often changing their contents.

5. Grease mucous a nose with protective ointment (for example, oksolinovy). Repeat this procedure at least three times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

6. Take the drugs increasing immunity of an organism. Eleuterococcus tincture is considered a good, effective remedy. It is possible to accept also the Chinese magnolia vine, for example. Drink more cranberry drink or water with lemon juice, vitamin C promotes strengthening of immunity.

7. In coordination with the doctor you can take such drugs as Anaferon, Grippferon, "Interferon". Will also not prevent to rinse a throat tincture of propolis, a calendula or solution of table salt with addition of several drops of iodine (word, any disinfecting means).

8. The believing people sometimes fumigate rooms where there is a sick person, an incense. Besides the disinfecting effect, it helps purely psychologically, inspires confidence that everything will be as it should be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team