How not to be irritated on children

How not to be irritated on children

Children are beings noisy. They ask hundreds of questions, shout, cry, run on the apartment and do not obey adults. Kind of you loved the child, it is always difficult to remain quiet and indifferent in relation to children's whims.


1. Often the parental anger can be caused not by an act of the kid, but problems at work, a quarrel with the partner, a crush in public transport. But to shout at the chief, to slam the door before the spouse or to get nasty in reply to the casual fellow traveler it is considered indecent therefore the irritation is saved the whole day, without finding in itself a way out. But, when houses the child accidentally brushes away a bottle of favourite spirits from the shelf, it is splashed out on it. The only exit – to try to solve problems in due time with direct participants of the conflict.

2. Accustom to treat your rest with respect validly. "Do not stick to dad now, he reads the newspaper". "Do not rustle, mom was very tired also wants to have a rest". You receive precious hours during which you will manage to restore the composure.

3. Often the irritation of the mother is caused by a complex of "ideal mom". Children of hypothetical ideal mom always ruddy, happy and smiling. Your kid cries, and you begin to be angry with him because his shout means that you are not ideal? Think that there will hardly be at least one mother whose child never cried, did not refuse to eat porridge and did not scatter a thing.

4. The rage on the kid can appear and in case he does not meet your expectations. Did you dream of the quiet child who is fond of reading, and at you the noisy madcap grows? Allow it to be oneself and respect him as the personality, then will disappear also the irritation caused by its acts.

5. Whims, protests and disobedience – signs of age crisis. Remember that this period will pass, and do not forget to remind the kid what all of you equally it love.

6. If all of you flared up, do not hesitate to ask for the child of forgiveness. When he understands that you are ready to admit the guilt in case were wrong, he will begin to trust you even more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team