How not to fall a victim of Roma

How not to fall a victim of Roma

Gipsy female practically since childhood train in art of hypnosis and often use it for fraud. Roma have the special technology of introduction to a trance and perfectly know it. The few psychologists can reach the same skill in hypnosis as Gipsies. Therefore it is no wonder that many people daily become the victims of such hypnosis.


1. Gipsies literally since childhood train to distinguish the easily inspired people. The absent-minded person who deeply thought of something for certain will draw attention of Gipsies. If you know that you will pass by them soon, stop phone conversations, move away him far away, concentrate. Your look has to express confidence, but not immersion in own thoughts. Go firm steps, without braking and without accelerating about Gipsies.

2. One of the principles which are the cornerstone of the Gipsy hypnosis, introduction of the person to a trance with use of senseless fluent speech. At first the Gipsy asks you a specific question, but after your answer begins something to chatter quicker and quicker. If you try to listen attentively, will lose soon semantic thread (which is absent simply) and will fall into a trance. The easiest way to avoid it is not to listen at all that is told by the Gipsy, and not to answer her at all. Any your answer (even such, as: "do not stick to me") is the beginning of a conversation. There will begin a Gipsy the offer with your words that will automatically draw your attention, and will continue already by nonsense. For example, its following remark will be such: "you speak, do not stick to me, and I should feed children, etc.". Therefore better at all you tell nothing. The most certain way to avoid the Gipsy hypnosis – to pass by them, without telling anything.

3. Other important principle which Gipsies in the hypnosis use, this connection of the greatest possible number of sense organs. The more those it is involved, the less people it is capable to the analysis and intelligent actions. When the Gipsy tries to hypnotize you, she: speaks with you (hearing is involved); actively gesticulates, touches something in hands (sight); the Gipsy takes great pain to touch you, to take your hands (touch); perhaps, she will even allow you something to smell or to taste (sense of smell and taste respectively). Therefore even if you stopped and began a conversation with the Gipsy, do not allow it to touch you, do not smell anything and do not watch her active gestures, you look somewhere aside.

4. If you feel that the Gipsy captures your attention and consciousness, to stop already begun hypnosis – asking an easy way her something absolutely unexpected and senseless. For example, "How many now onions brought?". The phrase should not make any sense. You will just turn the Gipsy's weapon against her. The senseless phrase will enter her into a short-term stupor (about several fractions of a second). But it will be enough to stop introduction to a trance. You will manage to restore clarity of mind and to leave. Prepare such phrase if you know that you are lost in difficult situations, and it is necessary to go by Gipsies often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team