How not to fall the victim of violence at school

How not to fall the victim of violence at school

The popular website You tube abounds with the videos shot in educational institutions. Here only on video not educational progress of the younger generation is shown. Some school students upload video of fights and public humiliations, and others, without thinking, put "like", thereby confirming that, for example, to attack three together on one is abruptly. Suddenly not to appear on similar video as the victim, it is necessary to know some rules of conduct.

"Any dispute can be solved words" - mom Malyshu in the animated film about Carlson says. However words sometimes just do not manage to break from lips – can suddenly bring down the school student from legs.

Principle: "Don't hit a man when he's down" in severe realities of school life does not work. Beat, and still as. Therefore the first rule of survival: to rise to the feet by all means. It is possible to use any distracting maneuver: for example, to shout not: "Ouch, painfully!" (it will only aggravate situation), and: "Atas, cops!" or something in this spirit.

The second rule: to be able to be protected. Cruelty – an instinct primitive, and respectively it is necessary to be protected from cruelty by instincts (in this case, it is a self-preservation instinct): to bite, be scratched, grab hair, to press fingers on eyeballs and other.

Record on self-defense courses will be not superfluous. Development of abilities to leave capture has to become the main direction, it is correct to fall, be ahead of the rival blow, in time to catch and neutralize the rival's hand brought for blow (with the tool or without), etc.

The third rule: not to hesitate to run away at the first opportunity. Whatever physical capacities of the child were, and to one to cope with crowd is rather problematic. 

The fourth rule: to be active in communication and not to be afraid to get new friends. As a rule, singles are beaten most often. It is called "a syndrome of the victim" when the child subconsciously puts himself against crowd: "I am not such as all", "I am not interesting to peers", etc. The similar behavior goes from the wrong relations in family – the overestimated insistence, inappropriate criticism of parents.

The sociable and popular school student also causes envy and desire to overthrow the favourite from a podium, but aggressors will be afraid to splash out on him the anger as know that it has friends. So, the more loyal friends, the better.

The fifth rule: to appreciate the honor, life and health. Nobody has the right to humiliate human dignity and to cause physical/moral damage. Confidence in Sebha and the forces – pledge of a victory in any business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team