How not to hit the child

How not to hit the child

"To beat or not to beat?" - quite so it is possible to paraphrase the known question, arguing on education of children. Indeed, it is clear to any sane person that to beat weak and defenseless, to put it mildly, it is bad. And small child weak and defenseless. On the other hand, nerves at people not iron, but kids sometimes the behavior, disobedience can enrage even the Saint.


1. Try to inspire in yourself: the small child in most cases behaves badly, breaks your bans not because specially wants to annoy you. Exactly thanks to the disobedience pushing them to learn the world, kids develop. It is genetically put in their nature, and it is simply senseless to become angry about them. Equally well it is possible to become angry about the nature for a change of seasons, for example. Therefore never punish physically the child who will not even be able to understand for what he was slapped. You will only in vain offend him.

2. If the child at such age when he is already capable to understand point of the bans and requirements, establish a clear and clear boundary of what is permitted to it and that is not present. And, certainly, set it an example in everything. If, say, parents demand that the child kept order in the room, removed the scattered toys, and their own things roll anywhere whether it is worth becoming angry about the kid for persistent disobedience? Especially, to splash. Think of it.

3. Let's assume, you have serious reasons to become angry about the child. Even if he really was guilty. But think: his behavior – a direct consequence of your education. Time it acted this way, so you missed something, somewhere overlooked.

4. Try to explain to the child why you are dissatisfied with his behavior. Tell that you continue to love it still, but it strongly upset, upset you. Your task: to achieve that he realized that he arrived badly. Educational effect of it it will be much bigger, than from slaps.

5. If you after all did not keep and spanked the child, surely tell him when he calms down that did not want to act this way, you were compelled to it by his bad behavior. The kid should not think that you stopped loving him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team