How not to infect the baby

Children of chest age have any respiratory diseases heavier, the nasal courses at them much already, than at adults, and mucous are thinner and more gentle. Because of it the slightest inflammation can become a breath cause of infringement. Can complicate a disease immunity, weak from the birth, even more. Therefore such small children should be preserved against all possible sources of infection.


1. Own mom can even become an infection source for the child of chest age. In spite of the fact that she transfers to the kid with breast milk of an antibody, the remains strengthening immunity, nevertheless it is difficult to save from a number of viral infections therefore it is worth observing extreme care, especially in cool season.

2. If there is no special need, avoid stay in places with a big congestion of the people. Even without having been infected, you can become the carrier of an infection to which at the small child the susceptibility is much higher, and the resilience of an organism is lower. During the winter period surely use a mask or cover a nose with a scarf.

3. Despite need of regular planned visit of the children's doctor, with care you treat this action. If the visit is inevitable, come to policlinic by the beginning of reception quicker to leave the room where healthy children are present on an equal basis with the diseased. Before an exit from the house, grease to yourself and the kid the nasal courses with oksalinovy ointment. It will create additional protection against viruses.

4. You watch climate in the room of the child. Dry air can become the reason of drying mucous a nose at the kid, as a result it will be more susceptible to influence of pathogenic bacteria. For moistening of the room hang up 1-2 wet diapers and in process of their drying moisten again. It needs especially to be done in dry, hot weather and also at strong heating in the winter. Besides, regularly open a window (window leaf). Fresh air is good prevention of respiratory diseases at children.

5. If someone from family members got sick, do not let them in the room of the child until an absolute recovery. In case of own disease every time before approaching the kid, put on a mask. Besides, spread out in the children's room and in all apartment the cut onions. The phytoncides which are contained in it perfectly destroy pathogenic bacteria.

6. For prevention of cold at the baby walk more often. Good ventilation of lungs increases resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. In cool weather you watch that the kid did not overcool. Dress its heat and if necessary cover a nose with a scarf, but it is not dense. In summertime you spend on the street much more time and among green plantings.

7. That the kid grew at healthy, temper it since the birth. Every morning do it gymnastics, massage, rub off water, arrange air and solar bathtubs. These procedures develop physically and strengthen emotionally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team