How not to lose milk

How not to lose milk

Feeding of the child a breast is one of the most important stages in life of the woman and the correct development of the child. If it seems to you that every day of milk becomes less, you do not hurry to transfer the kid to artificial feeding. Try to take measures for increase in a lactation better.


1. Frequent applying to a breast of the kid is one of the most effective ways of maintenance of a normal lactation. In the first 3 months regularly alternate a breast and be surely decanted after feeding. It is possible to be decanted not only in a jar. Pediatricians recommend to take Zeytts's shower. For this purpose after feeding wash up a breast water which temperature has to be not less than 45 degrees. The massing movements warm up nipples and area around them, after that directly in soul decant milk.

2. Increase in a lactation is well influenced by a normal dream. Therefore you need to get enough sleep. Ask the husband, the grandmother of the kid or other close relatives to give a little time to have a rest to you. Only if you are healthy, you will be able to provide to the child uninterrupted feeding with a breast.

3. That at you milk was not gone, surely use polyvitamins and various minerals. Include in the diet bread with caraway seeds, rice, nuts, salad, greens, fruit and fermented milk products. For increase in a lactation drink grass decoctions, for example, from fennel, a melissa, blackcurrant. Refuse consumption of onions and garlic, these products are capable to change taste of milk and to affect negatively its quality.

4. Buy in pharmacy "Apilak" - it is bee uterine milk most of which often is produced in the form of tablets. Accept on 1 tablet 3 times a day within 2 weeks. There is also one more medicine which has laktotropny effect - Mlekoin. At regular reception of these means the development of breast milk increases. However before beginning intake of these drugs, address for consultation the expert.

5. There are also national ways for increase in a lactation: Fill in 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds with 1 glass of hot milk and let's infuse within 2 hours. Accept on ½ glasses in 10 minutes prior to feeding. Mix 20 grams of fruits of an anise, 20 grams of fennel, 30 grams of seeds of a fenugreek of hay and 30 grams of fruits of fennel. Fill in 1 teaspoon of the received collecting with 1 glass of boiled water and let's infuse. Accept 2-3 times a day on 1 glass in 10 minutes prior to feeding. Crush 12 kernels of walnuts, fill in with 2 glasses of hot milk and let's infuse within 2 hours. Accept on 1/3 glasses in 10 minutes prior to feeding.

6. You remember if you correctly feed the kid, regularly to be decanted, it is balanced to eat, accept vitamins and to have a rest much, then you will be able to improve a lactation and to prolong time of feeding of the child a breast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team