How not to spoil the child

How not to spoil the child

Crying, shouts and constant "I want" from the whimsical child will dement anyone. Pamperedness in the childhood develops into quite difficult nature and feeling of permissiveness in adulthood. Therefore one of the major installations, in the course of education of children, is awareness of need of forming of "borders" by parents for their kids.


1. You do not seek to put the child in the center of life of all family. Having made of it the main value, you risk to come that everything will spin around it. Do not refuse own affairs and interests to please to the kid. The surplus of care and caress is harmful just as their shortcoming. Explain and show to the child that sometimes it is necessary to wait, tolerate and not to distract parents.

2. Develop a uniform position in education with all relatives participating in this process. If mom abuses for the poured compote of the child, but the grandmother irons on the head, - he just will not understand that he made something is not right. The wrong acts have to be accurately outlined, indistinct concepts here will only do much harm.

3. Teach the child to understand the words "no" and it "is impossible". Developing in him feeling of permissiveness, as a result you grow up absolutely spoiled teenager, and later - the adult egoist. Do not indulge each whim, accustom it to refusals and the bans.

4. Encourage good acts, without forgetting to abuse for bad. If the kid made something correct or good, surely note it. The bad behavior becomes an occasion to talk to it and to explain what so cannot be done. Do not apply slaps on a bottom or slaps at all. So you will only show the weakness and inability to bring up the child.

5. Give it though some share of independence in any given affairs. Parents should not be near, watch constantly each step and point to what is necessary and it is possible to make now. Allow the kid to play, remove independently toys, to choose clothes and other trifles which will allow it to learn not to depend on you.

6. Do not encourage each correct step with gifts. Similar practice will not bring to good. The correct behavior has to become the norm, but not an exception for which it is possible to receive a new toy. The good behavior is estimated by words and caress from parents, but not material benefits.

7. Do not allow to manipulate you by means of crying. The child always knows how to pressure the parent. And the first way for it is to go into a hysterics, and as a result to receive the. Of course, painfully to see his face in tears, but it is necessary to suffer. Let the kid will understand that crying will not yield any result. Over time this practice will remain in the past.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team