How not to swell during pregnancy

How not to swell during pregnancy

Hypostases at pregnancy meet rather often. The liquid delay in fabrics in the second half of pregnancy therefore it is important to adjust the food allowance is especially dangerous so that to reduce hypostases or to prevent their emergence.


1. Not to swell at pregnancy, control amount of the used and emitted liquid. If it is allocated much less, then reduce amount of table salt. Without this restriction to reduce the volume of the drunk liquid it is useless as salt promotes appearance of hypostases.

2. Remember that not only water or tea belongs to liquid. Soups, juicy fruit and vegetables need also to be considered when calculating volume of the used liquid. If fruit very juicy, such as pears, grapes, watermelons, then their weight you can add in pure form to that volume of liquid which was drunk per day.

3. Thinking of how to reduce liquid volumes, consider that tea or compote of special value for an organism of the woman and the child have no whereas pulp of fruit contains necessary vitamins.

4. Try to reduce the salt use in pure form as it is enough in ready-made products of manufacturing much: cheeses, sausages, bread. If the taste of dishes without salt is not pleasant at all, add it already to a plate, but not at preparation of a product.

5. Exclude from the menu of a pickles, sauerkraut, herring, smoked products. They not only contain a lot of salt, but also provoke thirst.

6. Do not try to refuse completely water, it is necessary for exchange processes. Even at its serious hypostases not less than a liter is required. Drink only clear water, carbonated drinks do not satisfy thirst, as well as too sweet.

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