How not to transfer pregnancy

How not to transfer pregnancy

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On average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks plus or minus two weeks. If expectation of the kid drags on longer than this term, doctors speak about perenoshenny pregnancy which constitutes serious danger to the woman in labor and especially for the child.


1. Often at women whose pregnancy lasts longer than the put term the nature of menstrual function is changed - are observed too early or, on the contrary, too late beginning of periods, irregular monthly. Also the shortage of the hormones necessary for development of patrimonial activity can be the cause of perenoshenny pregnancy. Hypofunction of ovaries, chronic inflammation of appendages, diseases of a liver, intestines or a stomach are often observed at this state too. Perenashivaniye can be connected with the psychoemotional shocks transferred the woman. Besides, it is possible to assume overdue childbirth if there was a threat of termination of pregnancy and the patient accepted the hormonal means reducing a uterus tone. Such women are usually hospitalized beforehand for carrying out prenatal preparation.

2. To avoid a perenashivaniye, it is necessary to implement first of all all recommendations of the doctor who needs to be visited systematically. See to food of pregnancy in recent months. During this period limit meat, fat sour cream and cottage cheese, barmy flour products and sweets. Give preference to fruit, dried fruits, vegetables, porridges on water, to seafood, nuts, greens. Thanks to such mild vegetarian menu the joints and muscles will become flexible and plastic.

3. Carry out exercises extensions for preparation for childbirth, articulate gymnastics, relaxation exercises. Do not forget about daily walks in the fresh air, swimming, belly dance, yoga for pregnant women. They will improve supply of all bodies with oxygen and nutrients and, besides, will be prevention of a perenashivaniye of pregnancy.

4. Do not forget to talk to the kid. He feels your spirit for childbirth, call him, invite, but not too you hurry.

5. Lean on dates as they contain considerable quantity of natural oxytocin - hormone which causes reduction of uterine muscles. One more means strengthening fights - tea from leaves of raspberry and a nettle.

6. Doctors recommend to use for preparation for childbirth of a neck of the uterus oil of an evening primrose on 1-3 capsules a day. Candles of Buskopan which begin to put in two weeks prior to childbirth twice a day possess the same action. Instead of Buskopan sometimes apply candles with a belladonna, they possess similar action.

7. Have sex - it is quite widespread method to cause patrimonial activity. Sperm contains prostaglandins which promote maturing of a neck of the uterus. Of course, there are also contraindications here: presentation or low arrangement of a placenta, an infection at the partner. Sex should not be excessively active not to cause an otsloyka of a placenta.

8. Practice active massage of a breast, including, areas of nipples. Such manipulations promote allocation of oxytocin that helps to accelerate childbirth. These methods and active lifestyle in recent weeks of pregnancy will help to avoid a perenashivaniye, will accelerate process of childbirth and will make it less painful.

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