How often it is necessary to bathe the newborn

How often it is necessary to bathe the newborn

The water environment is most habitual for the newborn. However, the wrong behavior of parents can become the reason of negative emotions at the kid during bathing. Often as one of such mistakes lack of information of parents on the recommended frequency of water procedures for babies acts.

When to begin bathing?

It is necessary to accustom the child to the bathroom only after the umbilical wound, that is for 10-14 day of life heals. Till this time immunity of the baby very weak and only way of hygiene is a rubdown by the napkin or cotton tampons moistened in warm water. Extremely it is not desirable to use soap as it can injure gentle skin of the baby.

How often it is necessary to bathe the baby?

Everything depends on what purpose of bathing. If bathing is especially hygienic procedure, then according to the international standards there is enough 2-3 times a week not to result skin of the kid in the increased dryness. At the same time it is necessary to wash and wash away the baby daily. Only when the kid will begin to creep, this process can be made daily.

If to consider bathing as process hardening, then it should be seen off daily. At the first procedure the water temperature has to be 37 °C. It is necessary to reduce temperature gradually to 26 °C, every day on half-degree. This process will help to strengthen health of the child, to normalize appetite and a dream.

How to be prepared for bathing?

To make bathing safe, water needs to be boiled at least within the first month of life of the child. It is possible to bathe the kid in a usual bathtub, but before bathing it needs to be processed special means, besides the child in it all family bathes. Also parents need to get a rubber ring on a neck or the hill for bathing. These things will secure the child and considerably will facilitate a task of parents. It is possible to get a special children's bathing bath. Such bath more convenient for parents and safe for the child, but its sizes will limit movements of the child. Before bathing of the kid it is necessary to warm, having made massage and easy gymnastics to lower load of an organism. Suitable time for bathing is before the last evening feeding. Bathing before going to bed will help to weaken and calm the kid. It is impossible to bathe the kid right after feeding at all. Duration of bathing depends on mood of the child. But to two-month age it is no more than 5-10 minutes, then this figure can be increased up to 15-20 minutes. After bathing of the kid it is necessary to get wet with a diaper, but it is impossible to wipe a towel at all. Then it is necessary to process all folds of the kid special baby oil, if necessary to use powder. Special attention needs to be paid on a wound in a navel, it needs to be processed hydrogen peroxide. Also you should not abuse various vegetable additives as they can dry skin of the baby or cause allergies.

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