How physically to raise children

How physically to raise children

Appearance of the little man leads to big changes in life of parents. Not all parents hurry with replenishment in family because of fear insufficiently well to bring up the child. They are afraid to hear from them reproaches in the address that they for various reasons did not give to the kid necessary parental love and attention.


1. Many experts, consider education an important task of parents. The problem is that adults see the concept "education" in own way. To define that such education of the child, it is necessary to return to the past and to remember history. In national culture the physical training is understood as observance and maintaining certain national traditions, for example, boys since childhood are sent to sessions of hand-to-hand fight, and girls to rhythmic gymnastics or ballet school.

2. Unfortunately, many people for various reasons forget, the foundation of physical training of children is laid in family. Since early years in compliance with age according to the recommendation of doctors douches by cold water carry out improving procedures of hardening, for example.

3. Forced child labor is forbidden under the law. Physical training of the child is not only hardening of an organism, but also schooling to physical feasible work. In Russia children always helped with life to parents, for example, washed the dishes and the floors. And also helped to move away a livestock. Parents whenever possible try to fence off modern children from household chores because of fear for health of the child, for example, it, can burn hands in hot water when washing ware or be wounded with a knife when cutting vegetables.

4. Many parents make one big mistake. They begin to be engaged in physical training of the child in awkward age. Result education most often not always good because of need of autonomy of children for psychological personal development.

5. Teenagers most often perceive the help with the house as attempt to control their actions. If parents under the influence of society without the consent of the child write down it in sports circles, this situation carries out to disagreements in family.

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