How quickly to cure cold to the child

How quickly to cure cold to the child

Children of all age are subject to catarrhal diseases. And in cold season the symptoms of cold have an effect not once. But, not to "heal" the child tablets, various syrups and other pharmaceutical means, it is better to resort to natural ways of improvement.

It is required to you

  • - vitamin drinks;
  • - sage, rosemary, an eucalyptus, coarse salt for inhalations;
  • - set for a compress or mustard plasters;
  • - water, lemon juice (vinegar) for rubdown at a temperature.


1. That the kid recovered quicker, concentrate the main efforts on increase in immunity and care for the sick child. Well and of course, you carry out symptomatic treatment – reduce if necessary temperature, eliminate cough, cold and a sore throat.

2. If cold at the child accompanies with high temperature (higher than 38 wasps) use either pharmaceutical febrifugal means, or natural. For example, you can rub off all body of the kid the acidified warm water and cover with a bed-sheet, and in a few minutes a blanket. Repeat this procedure everyone half an hour. Instead of lemon juice it is possible to use vinegar in the ratio of 1 tsp on a glass of water.

3. Often and gradually let's the child drink. The organism needs more liquid to get rid of toxins. Besides warm drink is useful at a sore throat. Cook only tasty drinks that the kid drank them with pleasure. For example, freshly cooked carrot apple juice, fruit drink from a cranberry with honey, tea with raspberry, a lemon and honey. At dry cough give warm milk with mineral water, at damp cough – milk with honey.

4. At congestion of a nose at the child if temperature is not increased, make the warming procedures. On each side from wings of a nose apply sacks with warm salt. Heat raises power and purulent cold helps to warn. At a current from a nose dig in carrot juice. Near a pillow put the cut onions, and change it after each airing of the room.

5. At cough, besides, if temperature is not increased, make the warming compress on a thorax or apply mustard plasters. But that this unpleasant procedure did not arouse indignation at the kid, do not moisten them with water, and apply to skin in a dry form. Then they will longer warm.

6. Make inhalations to the child. Heat coarse salt in a frying pan, add to it an eucalyptus, a sage or rosemary. And after the plant will begin to publish aroma – put a frying pan sideways lower than the level of a bed. The smell will begin to rise up and will get into airways of the kid. Repeat 3 times a day. This means perfectly helps at cough.

7. Several times a day air the room of the child. Fresh air cleans it from pathogenic microorganisms and, besides, has favorable effect on respiratory organs. In cold season, for the period of airing, you carry away the kid to other room. In warm time – you hold a window opened constantly.

8. The outcome of any disease in many respects depends on leaving. Therefore render to the kid not only symptomatic treatment, but also psychologically encourage him during wakefulness – tell fairy tales, read books, sing songs, talk more. Nothing so increases immunity as positive emotions. Of course it demands a lot of time and forces, but your physical and emotional expenses will be filled with health of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team