How quickly to disaccustom to a breast

How quickly to disaccustom to a breast

Seldom there are situations when the child independently and without serious consequences refuses breastfeeding. Therefore for many mothers the issue as it is correct to disaccustom the child, from a breast is rather topical.


1. Disaccustom the kid to a breast gradually. At first replace one day meal of other product. Then replace also evening feeding, and then morning. Thus, you will leave feedings a breast only before daytime and night sleep. You make each replacement within a week. Pay attention to food which you give to the child instead of breast milk. It has to be tasty and useful.

2. That breaking from chest feeding was less painful for the kid, change also a feeding ritual. For example, change the place of meal, try not to change clothes at the child.

3. Do not disaccustom the kid to breast milk too sharply, it can cause in it discomfort. There is nothing terrible if you give to the child a breast when he is frightened or excited. But try to find other ways to calm the kid.

4. Try to feed the kid with the milk from a small bottle. Gradually he will understand that it is much easier to suck from it, and itself will refuse a breast.

5. During breaking of the child from breastfeeding, do not leave for a long time the house. It will be a double stress for it.

6. Do not disaccustom the child to a breast and when he is ill, he cuts teeth or after an inoculation.

7. Try to accept for reduction of a lactation. For this purpose drink less and use the products promoting development of milk. Be more often decanted. Do sports or take the special drug reducing a lactation.

8. If the kid does not want to refuse breastfeeding and constantly is capricious, so wait a little and choose the most right moment

9. Do not use grandmother's methods of breaking of the child from a breast at all (greasing of nipples mustard, brilliant green, etc.). It you will only add to yourself efforts, and to the child a severe emotional stress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team