How quickly to disaccustom to the child's breast

How quickly to disaccustom to the child's breast

Maternal breast milk is very important for the child in the first months of his life. But sooner or later there comes such moment when mom understands that it is time for her kid to pass to independent food. There are situations when excommunication from a breast has to happen quickly, for example, in case of a disease of mom, prescribing it of strong medications or the woman's entry into work. To disaccustom quickly to the child's breast – a difficult task.


1. Change a situation, habitual for feeding. If earlier you fed the kid in the children's room, transfer him, for example, to the bedroom or the living room. Try to change a form of giving: turn on the quiet music, tell the baby the interesting fairy tale or a story from life, sing a song.

2. Let dad put bed the child, so the kid will not see your breast and to catch a smell of favourite delicacy. You spend with the kid at most of time in the afternoon, thinking out for it new games and entertainments, trying to distract it from thoughts of milk. If the child remembers him nevertheless, say to him that the milk ended, and instead of it offer the baby tasty compote, juice or tea.

3. If your kid, without having received a portion of breast milk, habitual for it, cries and demands a breast, try to distract it something. Read with it the book, play its favourite game, listen to music. After entertainments pour to the baby a cup of tea or juice. Perhaps, by this time he already will also forget about the request.

4. Beginning to feed the kid, offer him not a breast, and other food, for example, puree, soup or dairy mix if the baby still absolutely small. Then finish feeding it a breast. Thus, having already sated, the child will spend at your breast smaller amount of time, than usually. Gradually increase a portion of food. So the kid will receive more and more food, necessary for saturation, and over time need for a dokarmlivaniye will disappear.

5. Choose for feeding of the kid bright cups and small bottles with beautiful pictures. From them he will try much more willingly new food, than from faded and boring.

6. If you feed the tot not according to the schedule, and on demand, you should establish nevertheless though some schedule. You have to understand what time is necessary for the kid to get hungry. Offer the baby small having a snack as which use, for example, carrot juice if he begins to swear and demand food, without having waited for the following feeding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team