How quickly to finish breastfeeding

How quickly to finish breastfeeding

Feeding by a breast – the very first and close relations between mom and the kid. Therefore when comes it is time to finish breastfeeding, the kid strongly worries. This period difficult and for the woman, is simpler to calm the child, having given it a breast. But with age the kid should learn to be sometimes without mom, without her tender embraces and without "yum-yum". And mom needs to learn to calm the child in other effective ways.

How to separate the child from a breast

It is impossible just to cease to nurse in one day. Of course, it happens if it is necessary for mom or the kid urgent medical care, but it is better to plan this business carefully. Choose the period when the child is not ill, well eats a feeding up, it does not cut teeth and there is no stressful situation in the form of moving or medical examination.

First of all remove feedings between acceptances of food. That is feed after breakfast, then only after a lunch, and then and after dinner. Surely at first offer a feeding up, and then and "yum-yum".

At the next stage leave feeding only before going to bed. Stack the kid with a breast on a quiet time and at night. Do not remove night feedings yet, we will leave them on the end. Also do not remove feeding right after a quiet time if your child often wakes up in bad mood.

In a week when the child gets used that a breast he is not given at any opportunity, remove one more feeding. Let it will be before a daytime sleep. It turns out, you need to lay the child without breast. You can rock to sleep him on hands under gentle music, you can lay down nearby and pat on a back. The child will be capricious and demand a breast therefore stock up with patience and believe that he will surely fall asleep. For such laying it is convenient to choose day when he got up in the morning ahead of time, and during the lunchtime it is already ready to fall asleep quickly. At the end of a quiet time it is possible to leave feeding still if it is required. If is not present – also remove without regret.

If your child does already whole day without breast, quietly falls asleep on silent hour and wakes up in the normal state, then came it is time to remove feeding for the night. And later and night. For an hour before night sleep surely feed the child with porridge. Carbohydrate food well prepares an organism for sleeping. The child will be full, and, at the same time, food will not lie a heavy stone in a stomach. Stack the kid as well as on a daytime sleep. It is good if you already have rituals after which you go to bed. If is not present, it is time to enter them. For example, you feed the child, you bathe, you read the fairy tale for the night and you begin to stack him. A talk and chatter on it come to an end. It is possible to sing a lullaby. And then, patting and stroking, persistently you put the child to bed.

Night feedings clean up at once. You just cease to feed at night, offering in exchange cool boiled water from a cup or from a pacifier bottle. The breast at the same time has to be well covered that the child independently could not get to himself "yum-yum". Of course, it is necessary to suffer several nights, the kid did not get used to refusals. But then you will be rewarded at the quiet and peaceful nights.

How to distract the child from a breast

Each mom will have many ways of derivation from a breast. When the child demands it, pulls you a jacket, lifts it, and you already resolved that all.

 If the child already well understands you, then it is possible to tell that your breast ached. Let the kid will stroke it, will blow, will embrace, will regret. As option to stick a bactericidal plaster on nipples. So the kid will see that they really got sick and are inaccessible.

Entertain the child games which did not play earlier. Perhaps, it is time to get acquainted with plasticine or watercolor paints already. Perhaps role-playing games with toy heroes will occupy its attention. These games moreover and together with you, for a long time will distract it. If on the street pleasant weather, then you leave to walk at excess o'clock. In the evenings it is possible to read books, to watch cartoons or to collect puzzles.

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